What is the Fastest Way to Get Workers’ Comp Coverage in California?

Sometimes, companies need to get Workers’ Compensation fast. When this happens, it is important to turn to a skilled broker.

The speed with which companies can get Workers’ Compensation varies. It typically depends on the experience of the brokers you are working with and how soon you need Workers’ Compensation to comply with state mandates. You can get Workers’ Compensation faster by gathering all necessary information about your company that a carrier might request, such as its payroll information. Companies might need to get Workers’ Compensation coverage fast if their previous policies are about to be canceled or they are at risk of being penalized for not complying with workplace liability insurance mandates in California.

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How Fast Can You Get Workers’ Comp Coverage in California?

Getting Workers’ Compensation coverage is an involved process that can take some time. Fortunately, our California Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can speed things up for businesses in immediate need of coverage.

After obtaining the necessary information about your business and the responsibilities of your employees, our brokers can get you a quote for Workers’ Compensation within as little as a day. We can then review quotes with you so that you choose the best plan that is the least expensive. It is important that you take your time when reviewing Workers’ Compensation policies so that you make sure all necessary employees are protected. In California, almost all workers must be covered by Workers’ Compensation at all times.

From the time you get your quote to the time you agree to a policy, it could be only a matter of days. Not only is it important to ensure you are getting Workers’ Compensation that meets your company’s needs, but also that you are working with a reputable carrier that cares about protecting your business in case of a workplace accident. So, even if you need Workers’ Compensation fast, do not rush the process too much. Otherwise, you might be left with a plan that is too expensive or does not cover all of your employees.

How Can You Make the Process of Getting Workers’ Comp Faster in California?

In some instances, getting Workers’ Compensation can be a lengthy process. Employers do not always have time to wait around to find a plan that meets their needs. In these instances, there are some things employers can do to make the process of getting Workers’ Compensation faster in California.

Gather Information About Your Company

To start off on the right foot when searching for Workers’ Compensation, make sure you have all the necessary information about your company on hand. This includes details about your company’s payroll, history of workplace accidents, age, and other business-specific information. You should also verify your company’s rate set by California’s Workers’ Compensation Inspection and Rating Bureau. This rate is applied to a company’s payroll and sets the baseline price of Workers’ Compensation premiums for specific industries. Make sure your accurate rate is the same one used by a prospective carrier when searching for Workers’ Compensation. Otherwise, your plan might not be accurate and could be wrongly priced.

Work with Our Brokers

Many employers do not have extra time on their hands to look for Workers’ Compensation coverage. They have more important things to worry about, like running a business. Our brokers can handle all the ins and outs of finding workplace liability insurance, like sourcing quotes and screening carriers, so that you do not have to. Because of our brokers’ relationships with carriers in California, you might be able to find ample policies to choose from in less time than if you were searching independently. This can speed up the process of finding Workers’ Compensation for employers that need coverage as soon as possible in California.

Why Might You Need to Get Workers’ Comp Fast in California?

There are a few reasons why companies in California might need to get Workers’ Compensation fast. The first is if their previous policy was canceled, leaving them in a limbo land of sorts and in serious need of a new Workers’ Compensation plan. The second is if they need to comply with state mandates for Workers’ Compensation. Failing to do so could lead to expensive financial penalties for companies in California.

Your Policy Was Canceled

Workers’ Compensation plans might be canceled for several reasons, including an increase in a company’s Workers’ Compensation claims. When this happens, companies have little time to find new policies before their previous plans lapse. This makes finding Workers’ Compensation as soon as possible of the utmost importance. If you do not get a new plan before your old one is officially canceled, your company could become vulnerable to civil action from employees if a workplace accident occurs.

You Need to Comply with State Mandates

Almost all companies in California have to have Workers’ Compensation to comply with state mandates. When businesses do not have Workers’ Compensation, they could be fined thousands of dollars per violation. Employers might also be jailed for acts of non-compliance. There may be additional penalties associated with not having Workers’ Compensation when necessary in California. Because of this, businesses must have Workers’ Compensation before they begin operations. If you are on a deadline and need Workers’ Compensation fast, our brokers can help you get a quote within 24 hours so that you find the coverage you need almost immediately. This can allow you to adhere to your schedule without worrying about possible civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance.

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