Georgia Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Workers’ Compensation carriers provide companies with insurance that can allow them to avoid serious financial consequences if an employee is injured at work in Georgia.

Getting a workplace liability insurance plan from a private Workers’ Compensation coverage policy provider can benefit all types of businesses, including those that are small or operate in high-risk industries. Securing insurance coverage can make your company immune from financial responsibility for a worker’s injuries and can give you resources to thoroughly investigate a claim for possible fraud. Having a current insurance policy in place can also ensure that your company is not in jeopardy of being penalized by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. To get coverage quickly, contact our brokers, who can get you quotes for insurance within a day.

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The Perks of Getting Coverage from a Private Workers’ Compensation Coverage Policy Provider in Georgia

In Georgia, companies can self-insure or get Workers’ Compensation from a private insurance policy provider. Choosing the latter is generally the best route to take for companies in Georgia, especially for small businesses or those in high-risk industries. Doing this can present companies with several perks, such as immunity from liability if a worker is hurt, assistance in handling accidents and claims, and avoidance of penalties from the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Immunity from Financial Liability

Workers’ Compensation is the sole path of recovery for injured workers in Georgia. While they are unable to file a lawsuit against an employer if the employer is uninsured, they can file a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The employer will then have to reimburse the Board and might have to pay an additional ten percent penalty to the injured worker, depending on the situation.

Companies that partner with our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers to get coverage via a private policy provider will not be held liable for an employee’s injuries in any capacity. Instead, the employee will file a claim with their employer’s policy provider to receive benefits. The employer will not incur any additional financial expenses because of an on-the-job incident in Georgia, as they will be immune from such consequences. Companies without insurance could become financially impacted when they are held responsible for damages incurred by an injured worker. This could be the case even if an employer did not contribute to causing a worker’s injuries, as they are responsible for providing the employee with Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

Assistance Handling Accidents and Processing Claims

Having Workers’ Compensation plans with insurance providers in Georgia can also benefit employers when handling the aftermath of work-related accidents. When an accident occurs, an employee will inform their employer, and the employer will inform their carrier. The carrier will then take the necessary steps to validate and investigate a claim to ensure that it is not fraudulent. This might include requesting that the employer interview eyewitnesses to the accident or submit surveillance footage of the incident.

With a private carrier by your side, you will not be responsible for handling the claims process alone, as you would if you were self-insured. Instead, you will have assistance from experienced professionals who are trained in processing Workers’ Compensation claims and ensuring they are not fraudulent.

Avoidance of Penalties from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation

When companies agree to Workers’ Compensation plans from private insurance providers, they effectively eliminate the possibility that they might be penalized by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation for non-compliance. Upon signing a policy, you will receive a certificate of insurance verifying your coverage. You can then send this information to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation to prove that your company complies with insurance mandates.

If companies do not do this when required to, whether because you do not currently have a workplace liability insurance policy or because you simply forgot, you might be penalized. Depending on the violations at hand, various fines may be assessed, including a fine of up to $5,000 for failing to secure insurance. In addition to needing insurance, there are additional procedures employers must follow to keep their employees properly informed. Failing to do this might also result in fines from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

How to Get Coverage from a Provider of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policies in Georgia

Getting insurance from a private provider is essential for most businesses in Georgia. Because Georgia does not have a state fund for Workers’ Compensation, self-insuring is the only alternative, which can pose a considerable financial risk for companies. To get insurance from a private policy provider, employers can contact our brokers.

We work with reliable policy providers to match companies in all industries with comprehensive Workers’ Compensation plans. After getting the necessary information about your company, its employees, and their responsibilities, our brokers can get you a quote within as little as 24 hours. You can then review policies to ensure that all necessary workers are covered and secure Workers’ Compensation very quickly. This can allow you to avoid unnecessary penalties from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation for not adhering to coverage requirements.

Small businesses and those in high-risk industries often need Workers’ Compensation to comply with insurance mandates and protect themselves financially. Workplace injuries can result in financial issues for such businesses and might seriously impede their ability to succeed or grow. If your company’s policy was recently canceled, we can find you insurance quickly so that your business is not required to pause operations or risk continuing operations without the proper Workers’ Compensation and incurring fines in Georgia.

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