California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Maintaining a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy with a private provider can allow your company to stay protected from liability when workplace accidents occur. Not to mention, most employers are required by law to have workplace liability insurance in California.

Workers’ Compensation coverage is mandated for most businesses in California, including those classified as small or high-risk businesses. For these types of businesses especially, getting liability coverage from a Workers’ Compensation policy provider filed by important. Such coverage will eliminate the possibility of workplace accident lawsuits from injured employees and protect your company from being penalized for not complying with insurance mandates in California. Having a policy with an insurance provider can also make handling the aftermath of workplace accidents easier, especially when reviewing and investigating claims from injured workers.

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California Workers’ Compensation Coverage Policy Providers for Small Businesses

In California, virtually all businesses are required to have Workers’ Compensation. For small businesses, getting coverage from an insurance policy provider is of the utmost importance.

Any company with just one worker must have Workers’ Compensation in California. This includes small businesses, even family-run operations, with very small workforces. Maintaining a policy is important to avoid penalties that could financially impact a small business. Having coverage can also allow you to prevent possible lawsuits from employees that might be hurt on the job. Unfortunately, such lawsuits have the capacity to bankrupt small businesses, especially when coupled with fines from the Division of Workers’ Compensation in California. Fines generally accumulate per violation. This means that a small business found to be non-compliant in numerous areas might be fined thousands of dollars.

Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can get your small business a policy quote within a day. This can allow small businesses to find the appropriate coverage for their employees without significantly delaying operations.

As a small business owner, it is important that you evaluate quotes from insurance carriers to ensure the quoted price is appropriate based on your company’s payroll and other possible risk factors. Doing this can help your small business save considerable money in the long run. Getting coverage through a private insurer is one of the only options for small businesses to stay in compliance with Workers’ Compensation laws in California, as many small businesses are unable to legally self-insure for Workers’ Compensation based on the eligibility requirements.

California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers for High-Risk Businesses

Employers in high-risk industries often need Workers’ Compensation more than their less risky counterparts. This is true to avoid penalties for not complying with coverage requirements and eliminate the possibility of litigation following a costly workplace accident in California.

Businesses are considered risky for Workers’ Compensation when the operations performed by employees present a higher chances of workplace accidents occurring. For example, construction or manufacturing companies might be more likely than others to see on-the-job incidents. And, because of the dangerous nature of the work performed by such employees, the damages from an accident might be even more expensive for companies in such industries.

This is why high-risk businesses often must secure Workers’ Compensation policies from private policy providers in California. Your provider will review and process claims from injured workers and pay benefits accordingly. Your company will not be in jeopardy of being sued by an injured worker if it complies with California’s Workers’ Compensation coverage mandates.

Securing an insurance policy that is not too expensive can be challenging for companies that operate in risky industries. This is why working with an experienced broker is particularly beneficial for such employers, as doing so can allow you to get affordable quotes that appropriately reflect the risk of insuring your company and the policy rate guidelines set by the Workers’ Compensation Rating Bureau of California.

Benefits of Getting Workers’ Compensation Coverage from a California Policy Provider

Not only can getting coverage from a private carrier protect your business from serious consequences for non-compliance in California, but it can also make reviewing and approving workplace accident claims much easier.

Workers’ Compensation policy carriers have significant experience in the arena of processing and reviewing claims. Upon receiving a first report of injury from an employer, a carrier will investigate the circumstances of an accident to verify the claim. If you have a drug-free workplace, your carrier might suggest you drug test an employee, interview other employees about the accident, or provide greater insight into the injured worker’s history on the job.

A significant benefit of having a policy with an insurance provider is that your company will not have to pay benefits for lost wages and medical expenses to an injured employee. If a claim is approved, the carrier will pay the appropriate benefits. These include benefits that compensate an employee for a portion of their lost wages while they heal from their physical injuries. You will not have to handle this part of the process, which can alleviate significant stress for you as an employer. When companies self-insure, that is not the case for employers.

Your carrier might also give you tips on how you can maintain a safer working environment for employees and reduce the likelihood of an on-the-job accident occurring.

Once in place, your business’s Workers’ Compensation policy can be renewed annually. The price of your policy might fluctuate based on changes throughout the year. If you are unhappy with your current policy, our brokers can quickly find a new one before your coverage is officially canceled. Having a Workers’ Compensation policy in place at all times is necessary for most businesses in California, whether large or small, risky or not.

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