Duval County Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Getting Workers’ Compensation is necessary for many companies in Duval County. Such coverage provides a pathway to recovery for injured employees and protects employers from civil litigation and other penalties.

Workers’ Compensation insurance providers have multiple responsibilities, such as processing employee claims, benefits, and appeals. Securing a policy is possible with help from our brokers by way of our relationships with carriers open to providing coverage to a variety of businesses. Getting insurance is mandatory for most companies in Duval County. Being illegally uninsured can lead to serious consequences for employers from the Division of Workers’ Compensation. While Florida does allow for companies to self-insure or get coverage through the state fund, taking those routes might not be necessary when employers partner with our brokers to get workplace liability insurance coverage in Duval County.

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Responsibilities of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers in Duval County

Workers’ Compensation carriers handle the bulk of the work involving workplace accidents and injury claims. This is so employers are somewhat removed from the process and do not have to be bogged down with processing claims and dealing with injured workers.

In providing Workers’ Compensation to companies, providers accept that they will be responsible for handling injury claims. After being informed of an injury sustained by a worker, your carrier will review the employee’s medical records and the circumstances of the accident. Then, your carrier will decide whether to approve or deny a claim.

If a claim is approved, your insurance provider will pay benefits to the injured worker. Workers’ Compensation benefits typically cover medical expenses and a percentage of an employee’s lost wages. You can help lower the lost-wage benefits paid by your carrier by offering an employee a transitional job that is within the confines of their work restrictions.

If a claim is denied, that too will be handled by your Workers’ Compensation carrier in Duval County. Employees may file appeals after their claims are denied. During the appeals process, your carrier will explain its reasons for denying benefits, and an employee will have the opportunity to present additional evidence of their injuries. Regardless of the result, when you have a Workers’ Compensation carrier in your corner, the processes involved in dealing with injury claims are virtually none of your concern.

Securing a Workers’ Compensation Policy from an Insurance Provider in Duval County

To reap the benefits of having a Workers’ Compensation policy, you must get one from an insurance provider in Duval County. For help on this front, employers need only turn to our brokers.

Through years of establishing solid relationships with policy providers in the area, our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers are capable of pairing your company with a carrier that will offer transparent and affordable coverage. While securing a policy takes time in many instances, our brokers can source quotes on your behalf in as little as a day. This is especially beneficial for employers whose policies were recently canceled in Duval County.

When getting coverage from a provider, being honest about your company’s operations and history is important. Explain your employees’ responsibilities and give context to any previous Workers’ Compensation claims. Review policies and quotes to ensure you are getting the proper coverage for the right price.

Importance of Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Companies in Duval County

Workers’ Compensation is mandatory for most companies operating in Duval County. You might be severely penalized for non-compliance if you do not have coverage from an insurance policy provider.

Being illegally uninsured in Duval County means you are taking a considerable risk and possibly placing your company on the verge of bankruptcy. Initial financial penalties for not having Workers’ Compensation are twice the amount an employer should have paid in premiums for any time they were without insurance over the past two years. Employers might also be jailed for being illegally uninsured in Duval County.

Furthermore, when companies do not have workplace liability insurance, they run the risk of being sued by workers. Injured employees are no longer barred from filing lawsuits when their employers do not comply with Workers’ Compensation mandates. A work injury lawsuit can be exceedingly costly, making employers liable for compensating workers for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Such lawsuits could put even the most financially secure businesses at risk of bankruptcy in Duval County. Securing a Workers’ Compensation policy is paramount, even if your company is not required to have insurance under Florida law.

Alternatives to Getting Coverage from a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Provider in Duval County

It is normal to want to know all of your options when it comes to Workers’ Compensation insurance. In addition to getting coverage from a private policy provider, employers might also be eligible to self-insure or get a policy from the Florida Workers’ Compensation Joint Underwriting Association (FWCJUA).

Self-insuring for Workers’ Compensation is an option reserved for companies that are financially stable enough to handle the cost of a workplace accident. If your company self-insures, it will have to provide equitable Workers’ Compensation benefits to an injured worker. Though this might seem like a fine option for low-risk businesses, it is still a huge financial undertaking.

Getting insurance coverage through the FWCJUA is only permissible for businesses that have been routinely denied coverage from multiple private carriers. Even if your company is considered high-risk, our brokers can pair you with a flexible and honest carrier so that you do not have to get unnecessarily high Workers’ Compensation insurance from the FWCJUA in Duval County.

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