Hollywood, FL Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Getting Workers’ Compensation from a reliable provider can offer support and a much-needed safety net for employers in Hollywood.

As an employer, it is important to know about all the things your Workers’ Compensation carrier can do for you in Hollywood. For example, insurance carriers process claims, pay out benefits, and largely handle appeals. Carriers might also adjust premiums periodically to account for changes to a company’s risk factors. Despite being a necessary cost for employers in Hollywood, Workers’ Compensation premiums can be lowered when employers enforce a drug-free workplace, increase managerial oversight, mandate employee training, and run background checks, all in an effort to reduce the number of workplace accidents among employees.

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What to Know About Hollywood, FL Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Having a Workers’ Compensation policy provider in your corner can allow you to lean on its support in the aftermath of workplace accidents in Hollywood. Insurance carriers take care of the bulk of the work involving employee accidents, including processing claims, paying benefits, and handling appeals. Finding the right Workers’ Compensation provider is important, as it will be the one to decide your company’s insurance premiums.

They Process Claims

Workers’ Compensation carriers process injury claims. So, when a work injury occurs, all employers have to do is inform their providers of the accident and injury. The provider will handle the rest, which might include investigating the claim and reviewing the employee’s medical records. You will only be somewhat involved in the claims process as an employer. Your provider might request certain information from you about the accident in question. The carrier gets the final say whether to approve a claim or not, not the employer.

They Pay Out Benefits

If a claim is approved in Hollywood, meaning the carrier confirms that the injury happened at work and was not intentionally caused by a worker, the provider will pay the injured or ill worker benefits. Such benefits include compensation for an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages. The length of time a worker gets these benefits will be based on the severity of their injury and their ability to go back to work. You can help reduce the benefits paid by your provider by offering an employee a transitional job, so long as the position complies with the employee’s work restrictions. Workers’ Compensation carriers also pay death benefits when necessary.

They Handle Appeals

If your carrier denies an employee’s Workers’ Compensation claim and the employee files an appeal, your provider will largely handle the appeals process. While you might be somewhat involved in this process, it was not your decision to deny the claim in the first place, meaning your provider will have to explain their reasons for denying the claim to the Workers’ Compensation judge assigned to the case. Depending on how the case plays out, you might have to participate in mediation alongside your carrier.

They Adjust Premiums

Workers’ Compensation carriers adjust premiums periodically. Usually, this is done during an annual audit. To avoid the complications of an audit, you can get a policy with help from our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. Premiums are adjusted according to changes in a company’s risk factors. For example, if your payroll has grown or there have been several workplace accidents among your employees, your carrier might slightly increase your premiums. Similarly, your premiums might decrease if you have not seen any workplace accidents in the past year.

How to Get Your Workers’ Compensation Policy Provider to Lower Your Insurance Premiums in Hollywood, FL

Cutting costs wherever necessary is often a top priority for employers in Hollywood. When it comes to Workers’ Compensation premiums, there are a few things employers can do to reduce how much they pay for insurance.

Start a Drug-Free Workplace Program

Employers that implement a drug-free workplace program can receive a 5% credit for their Workers’ Compensation premiums in Florida. A drug-free workplace program requires regular and situational drug testing of employees. Following a workplace accident, you can test an employee for alcohol or drug use. If they were under the influence of illicit substances at the time of their injury, their Workers’ Compensation claim could be denied in Hollywood. Enforcing a drug-free workplace can also reduce the number of filed Workers’ Compensation claims, as drug and alcohol use are a top cause of on-the-job incidents and injuries in Hollywood.

Increase Managerial Oversight

Increasing managerial oversight can cut down on workplace accidents. When employees know they are being monitored, they are less likely to act negligently. Along with increased managerial oversight, employers should regularly check the equipment used by employees to ensure it is safe and will not cause an avoidable injury. By lowering the number of workplace accidents, you can also lower your Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Mandate Employee Training

In some industries, employee training is paramount to reducing the frequency of workplace accidents. If your employees regularly work with dangerous equipment or with hazardous materials, make sure they are prepared to do so safely. Take employees through training modules before they begin working. Better yet, require regular testing or routine seminars to ensure employees remain up to date on how to perform their duties safely.

Run Background Checks

When hiring employees, make sure you are aware of their histories. Speak with previous employers to learn about possible Workers’ Compensation claims an employee might have filed in the past. Learning about the circumstances surrounding previous workplace accidents can help you make an informed decision regarding whether or not to hire a prospective worker in Hollywood.

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