Tallahassee Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Maintaining Workers’ Compensation coverage is essential for all businesses in Tallahassee and is possible by getting a policy from a trustworthy and experienced provider.

Providers of Workers’ Compensation in Tallahassee write policies, process claims, and pay benefits to hurt workers. It is wise to work with our brokers when getting coverage from a policy provider so that you can more easily identify high quotes or inadequate policies. Once you have agreed to a plan from a Workers’ Compensation coverage provider, maintaining good communication is important. Inform your provider of any changes to your business’s payroll and of any workplace accidents that might occur. If you are unsatisfied with your current policy provider in Tallahassee, our brokers can pair you with a new carrier and policy.

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What Do Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers Do in Tallahassee?

When you get a Workers’ Compensation plan from a provider in Tallahassee, your company will not have to worry about processing claims filed by injured workers. That will be handled entirely by your provider. Your provider will also pay benefits to injured employees, meaning your company will not have to carry that financial burden.

Write Policies

Workplace liability insurance policy providers write plans alongside our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. These plans can cover your business and provide benefits to employees hurt by a workplace accident. When getting a policy from an insurance provider in Tallahassee, businesses should provide information about their business’s payroll, age, and history of workplace accidents. This, along with determining the rate assigned to your company by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, will help inform the cost of your Workers’ Compensation insurance. While it can be challenging for some high-risk companies to find a carrier that will work with them, our brokers have relationships with providers that offer plans to all companies, regardless of their risk factors.

Process Claims

Workers’ Compensation insurance policy providers also process claims. When a worker is hurt and misses time from work, the employer will inform the carrier. The carrier will then investigate the accident and review the employee’s medical records. This process will either result in a claim approval or denial. When employers self-insure in Tallahassee, they have to process claims themselves. This can be awkward, especially if an employee’s claim is fraudulent. Additionally, processing Workers’ Compensation claims takes time and resources that employers can apply elsewhere when they have coverage from a policy provider in Tallahassee.

Pay Benefits

After a claim is processed, a company’s Workers’ Compensation policy provider will pay benefits to an injured worker. Benefits vary, depending on the extent of a worker’s injuries, how long they will be out of work, whether they can return to work with restrictions, and their average weekly wages prior to sustaining an injury. When employers in Tallahassee do not have Workers’ Compensation, they become liable for any damages incurred by an employee. If taken to court over the matter, employers might have to pay additional damages, such as compensation for pain and suffering. Getting a policy from a Workers’ Compensation provider eliminates this possibility. You will only have to pay premiums to your provider; they will pay benefits to the hurt worker.

What to Watch Out for When Getting Workers’ Compensation from a Policy Provider in Tallahassee

Not all Workers’ Compensation policy providers are the same. Some enforce costly procedures or hike up premiums unnecessarily. Because of this, partnering with our brokers is often wise. We can walk you through your policy and identify unnecessary expenses so that you can protect your business and employees without breaking the bank.

Our brokers work with policy providers that do not require audits, contracts, or deposits. Annual audits do not necessarily indicate the overall risk to insure a company and might result in an unnecessary increase in Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Before agreeing to a policy, make sure that your employees are properly classified. If they are not, your Workers’ Compensation policy provider could drop your coverage, leaving you without the necessary insurance.

Workers’ Compensation premiums should not increase without reason. If your current carrier informs you of an impending increase in premiums, our brokers can find you another less expensive policy. Valid reasons for increases in Workers’ Compensation premiums include many employee claims, workplace accidents, and increases in payroll.

Tips for Dealing with a Tallahassee Workers’ Compensation Policy Provider

The relationship between employer and insurance provider is an important one. When dealing with your provider, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, communication is key. Keep your provider informed of changes to your business’s payroll and size. Tell your carrier of any workplace accidents immediately after they occur. This will help your provider when investigating an incident and processing a claim.

Be sure to give your provider any information it might need regarding a workplace accident. For example, if others witnessed the accident occur, tell your provider. Witnesses to an accident might be able to confirm whether or not an employee intentionally caused their injuries.

Providing false information to your carrier regarding the classification of employees, company size, or company operations might be considered Workers’ Compensation fraud. This can lead to expensive penalties from the Division of Workers’ Compensation and might cause your carrier to cancel your policy. If you are without a Workers’ Compensation policy at any time, you risk incurring additional fines for non-compliance. Furthermore, your company may become vulnerable to work injury lawsuits if an employee is injured on the job when you are uncovered.

Avoiding confusion or issues with your carrier is possible through constant communication with your Workers’ Compensation insurance policy provider in Tallahassee.

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