Orlando Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers

Workplace liability insurance is mandatory for the majority of companies in Orlando. Employers can get this crucial insurance from a policy provider.

When seeking Workers’ Compensation from a policy provider in Orlando, employers must provide information about their company’s payroll, the responsibilities of their employees, and their company’s history of workplace incidents. Communicating with your carrier and submitting accurate information is important. When employers do not do this, their carriers might drop their coverage, leaving them with the necessary workplace liability insurance. Finding a reliable provider that provides a safety net for your company via insurance is essential, as the alternative could cause your company to become vulnerable to financial accountability for an employee’s injuries or consequences from the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

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What Information Does an Orlando Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Provider Need?

When getting Workers’ Compensation through a policy provider, you will need to provide the carrier with certain information about your company and its employees. This is necessary so that a policy provider can calculate your company’s insurance premiums and ensure that all workers are included in your plan. Carriers typically want to now details about a company’s payroll, employee responsibilities, and history of Workers’ Compensation claims.

Company Payroll

Payroll is a risk factor that policy providers consider when giving a company Workers’ Compensation in Orlando. It is important that you provide your carrier with truthful payroll numbers that accurately show the size of your company’s workforce. This payroll information will be applied to your company’s National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) rate to give a policy provider greater insight into the risk it incurs when insuring your company.

Employee Responsibilities

In addition to providing a workplace liability insurance carrier with payroll information, companies also need to outline employee responsibilities clearly. Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can help you confirm your company’s NCCI rate according to the type of work your employees perform so that you send accurate information to your policy provider. If employee responsibilities change over time, inform your carrier.

History of Injuries

Policy providers also want to know your company’s history regarding workplace accidents. This can give policy providers a clearer idea of the type of working environment a company maintains and the possibility of future accidents. A helpful provider will then be able to assist you in identifying possible fraudulent claims in the future, which could allow you to cut down on Workers’ Compensation benefit claims paid out to employees in Orlando.

Why is it Important to Communicate with an Orlando Workers’ Compensation Coverage Policy Provider?

Open communication with your Workers’ Compensation policy provider is important, as failure to provide the proper information could result in fines and other consequences. Your carrier might also drop your company’s Workers’ Compensation coverage if you are not forthcoming with certain information, leaving your company vulnerable.

Our brokers can help employers prepare the necessary details required by a Workers’ Compensation carrier so that they do not unintentionally give false information when getting insurance. If you unknowingly provide inaccurate payroll information, your Workers’ Compensation premiums will be skewed. If your carrier becomes aware of this, it might drop your policy. Because falsifying payroll information is considered Workers’ Compensation fraud in Orlando, employers that do this might be severely penalized.

Communicating with your carrier is also important when it comes to employee claims. When an employee is injured at work, it is your responsibility to inform your carrier in a timely fashion. The carrier can then investigate the incident and process the claim. When employers do not do this, their carriers might see it as bad faith and cancel their policies. It is also against Workers’ Compensation law to act in this way.

When employers are not communicative with their carriers, and their policies are dropped, they could be left without Workers’ Compensation. This leaves employers vulnerable to additional penalties from the Division of Workers’ Compensation for not complying with insurance mandates.

How Can Employers Find Reliable Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy Providers in Orlando?

Finding a Workers’ Compensation policy provider that is dependable and helpful is important for all kinds of employers in Orlando. Because of the relationship, our brokers have forged with carriers in the area, employers can find policies that suit their needs and carriers that care about providing them with coverage.

Getting insurance from a workplace liability coverage provider is important for all companies, especially those in high-risk industries. Small businesses can also benefit from having an insurance policy with a reliable carrier, as even one workplace accident could bankrupt a small business if it does not have coverage.

When you work with our brokers, you can get a policy quote within a day of providing our team with the necessary details about your company and its employees. We can then evaluate quotes together so that you are confident in the policy you agree to.

If your previous policy was canceled, you might need insurance quickly. We can work with you to ensure you get the coverage you need without paying too much for Workers’ Compensation based on your company’s industry and risk factors.

When companies do not have Workers’ Compensation, they risk being held financially responsible for any damages an employee incurs because of a workplace injury. This could lead to a lawsuit filed by an employee. The implications of this could be disastrous for companies of any size. The alternative is having a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation policy that makes your company immune from civil action from employees and ensures that it does not get penalized for non-compliance in Orlando.

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