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How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cost?

There is no set rate for workers’ compensation insurance. Costs vary depending on the industry, the number of people you employ, and the job responsibilities of your workers. We work with our partners to get your company a customized rate and level of insurance that is designed specifically to keep your costs as low as possible. The best news is that we can get almost any type of business insured – regardless of how unique, dangerous, or large/small your company is.

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Get Affordable Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance rates are based, in large part, on where your business is located, the type of work you perform, how long you have been business and the number of workers you employ.  Some businesses do not fit the traditional model of who a typical large insurance companies want to insure.  As a result, the insurance company will either decide not to offer a policy or will offer a policy at a very high price.  That is where NPN Brokers can help.  We work with our trusted partners to find your company a rate and level of insurance designed specifically to keep your costs as low as possible. The best news is we can get almost any type of business insured – regardless of what kind of work you do, how big or small you are and the size of your weekly payroll.

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Avoid Serious Penalties For Not Having Workers’ Compensation

Almost every company in every state is required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance. If you do not have it, you could be issue daily fines, a stop-work order. A stop-work order can cost you days – or weeks – of progress on a job, which can destroy your reputation and bottom line. Luckily, NPN Brokers is here to help. We can quickly find the coverage.

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Get Workers’ Compensation Fast

Companies reach out to us when:

  • They have a job is about to start that requires them to have insurance on day one;
  • They are in a construction-based industry, no matter how many employees;
  • A state inspector visits the job site and has issued a stop-work order due to a lack of coverage;
  • Are a new company looking for workers compensation insurance for the first time;
  • Are a non-construction based company that has expanded and now has 4 or more employees.

No matter what your reason is for visiting our website, we can help you fast!

With just one short phone call, we can gather the information we need and start working on locating the right insurance for your company. Our clients can be bound within 24 hours, and often….the same day!

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Does My Company Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Almost every company in every state is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. If a state investigator conducts an inspection discovers you do not have workers’ compensation insurance, the state may assess penalties worth thousands of dollars for each day you operate without the required coverage. On top of that, state authorities may issue a stop-work order prohibiting you from conducting business until they determine that you have met the legal requirements for workers’ comp insurance.

We understand that you may have found our website because you are under duress, either because your state is fining you daily for not having work comp, or worse, you have been issued a stop work due to your lack of coverage. At NPN, that is why we work to get you a quote in minutes and coverage often within a day. Because time is money.

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