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Getting a workers’ compensation policy in Florida is often a burden for businesses that are seeking to get coverage for their employees. Businesses in Florida are required by law to provide workers’ compensation for almost all employees. If a business employs more than a certain number of people, they are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all of them; the minimum threshold varies by industry.

Many businesses in Florida may feel daunted by the task of seeking workers’ compensation insurance for their employees due to both the price of coverage and the work that goes into comparing rates between companies. NPN Brokers makes the process of finding and buying workers’ compensation insurance easy. Get in touch with NPN Brokers at (866) 340-9120 to learn more about how you can get a workers’ compensation policy quote for your business in Florida.

Getting a Quote for a Workers’ Compensation Policy in Florida

To get a quote on a workers’ compensation policy for your business in Florida, go to the NPN Brokers website and enter some basic information about your business, your employees, and yourself. You’ll be asked simple questions about the number of years that your company has been in business, when you need coverage to start, the type of company you have, and the number of people that you employ.

After submitting your information to NPN Brokers, you can expect a quote within minutes; if you are interested in acquiring coverage based on that quote, you can secure it within 24 to 48 hours. NPN Brokers only works with insurance carriers that require no contract, deposit, or audit from policy buyers. Policy buyers are able to pay as they go, which affords maximum flexibility.

For businesses that are considered to be high risk, finding insurance carriers that will offer workers’ compensation insurance at an affordable rate can be difficult. (High risk businesses are those that have made prior workers’ compensation claims, have been operating for 3 years or less, or are in an industry that has a high risk of injury.) NPN Brokers prides itself on its relationship with insurance companies that offer workers’ compensation policies to high-risk businesses and welcomes them to seek insurance either online or by calling NPN’s offices.

What is Covered in a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

Workers’ compensation insurance is important for both employees and employers to have. It protects employers from being sued if an employee is injured while on the job, and it is important for employees because it ensures that they will be compensated for any injuries that happen while they are working.

When an employee is injured while on the job, they can receive compensation that covers any costs related to their injury. These costs may include lost wages due to an inability to work or expenses related to medical treatment and physical rehabilitation; if an employee dies while they are on the job, their family is entitled to death benefits through workers’ compensation insurance as well.

Certain conditions, it should be noted, keep an employee from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. If the injury they sustained was intentionally self-inflicted, if the employees was intoxicated or on drugs while the injury occurred, or if the employee refused to observe rules regarding safety and the proper use of equipment, then they will not be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits, nor are they able to sue their employer for negligence.

Why Your Florida Business Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Almost every employer in the State of Florida is required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Businesses in the agricultural industry that employ more than six regular employees or 12 seasonal employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. Businesses in the construction industry or a construction-related field must have workers’ comp insurance if they have more than one employee, even if that employee is a subcontractor.

A construction-related field is a broad category that includes landscaping, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, and much more. All other businesses (those not in the agricultural or construction industries) must provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees if they employ four or more people.

Penalties for Failing to Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Florida

Businesses in Florida should know that failing to get workers’ compensation insurance for their employees is not worth the consequences. If a business in Florida fails to get workers’ compensation insurance, employees may sue them upon being injured at work, which means that the employer will likely have to pay for the costs related to the employee’s injuries out-of-pocket. It’s also possible for the State of Florida to fine companies or individuals that don’t have workers’ compensation insurance. This fine may be either $1,000 or twice the amount that company would have paid in premiums.

One of the most drastic consequences for failing to get workers’ compensation insurance is the loss of the right to conduct business in Florida. Companies without workers’ compensation insurance may be issued a stop-work order, which will require them to cease all business operations until they come into compliance with Florida insurance codes.

Businesses may also face civil actions or criminal charges for failing to report injuries, trying to ensure that a worker’s claim is denied, threatening to fire or intimidate employees as retaliation for filing claims, deducting the cost of workers’ compensation insurance from employees’ paychecks, or trying to pass off an employee as an independent contractor.

Get In Touch with NPN Brokers to Receive a Policy Quote Today

NPN Brokers is eager to help Florida businesses across all industries get workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. By providing some basic information about your business and employees at the NPN website, you can get a quote right away. Call (866) 340-9120 today for more information about getting a workers’ compensation insurance policy for your Florida business as soon as possible.