Who Is a High-Risk Worker in Florida?

Many workers assume a bit of risk at their jobs. But which workers in Florida are generally considered high-risk and are more likely to have work-related injuries that could impact your business?

In Florida, there are a few industries that employ high-risk workers. For example, construction workers, truck drivers, and agricultural workers are considered high-risk in Florida. That’s because the nature of their work can be dangerous, increasing the chances of sustaining a work-related injury. Learning what this means for your Florida business is important to protect your company from financial liability.

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Who Is Considered a High-Risk Worker in Florida?

Some industries are more dangerous than others, meaning some workers are considered more high-risk. In Florida, a few prominent industries employ these high-risk workers. For example, construction, transportation, and agricultural are all high-risk industries, so those that work in them can be at risk for work-related injuries.

Construction Workers

Construction is considered a high-risk industry in Florida, so the individuals who work in the industry are clearly at risk of injury. By nature, construction is a dangerous profession. Employees are responsible for using potentially hazardous equipment and tools. Some types of construction work, like road work, happen at night, increasing the risk of an injury. Many construction jobs require employees to work on scaffolding or atop buildings, risking a potential fall. Because injuries are so common in the construction industry, these workers are considered high-risk in Florida.

If you’re a sole contractor working in the construction industry, you’re still considered high-risk. According to Florida’s workers’ comp laws, construction companies with even one employee need coverage in case of an injury. Independent contractors can find affordable coverage through reliable brokers, like those at NPN Brokers. After all, if your construction company depends on you alone, you can’t risk the financial impact of an injury.

Truck Drivers

Somewhat surprisingly, truck drivers, or other workers involved in transportation, are also considered high-risk workers in Florida. The road can be a dangerous place to be, and truck drivers that are employees (not independent contractors) can file a claim with your insurance if injured on the job. Driving isn’t the only job that a truck driver has. They often have to physically lift and move boxes, which can also result in an injury. Among the most high-risk workers in Florida, truck drivers are some.

Agricultural Workers

In Florida, agricultural workers are at high-risk for injury. Farming can be a dangerous profession for various reasons. There are uncontrollable dangers, like the weather, and more immediate ones, like the various tools and machinery used in the agricultural industry.

Interestingly, the rules surrounding agricultural companies requiring workers’ comp in Florida depend on the number of employees and whether or not a company has seasonal or year-round workers. Even if your agricultural business doesn’t need workers’ comp because you have less than six regular employees or less than 12 seasonal employees, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry it. If an agricultural worker is injured on the job, your Florida company could be financially responsible if you don’t have insurance.

What Do High-Risk Workers Mean for Florida Businesses?

Employing high-risk workers is, well, a risk for Florida business. It means that your employees are simply more likely to sustain a work-related injury, potentially costing you money. So, what if your company is in a high-risk industry? What’s the solution?

If you employ high-risk workers, like construction workers, truck drivers, or agricultural workers, they’re at a greater risk of getting injured on the job. This means that your Florida company could be held financially liable for their injuries and lost wages if they get hurt.

Having high-risk workers means that you should find reliable workers’ comp insurance coverage. If there’s a greater chance of one of your employees getting injured on a day-to-day basis, you have to find ways to protect your company. The best way to do that is to find coverage that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Do You Need Insurance If You Employ a High-Risk Worker in Florida?

Florida has strict workers’ compensation insurance laws that require businesses with certain high-risk employees to carry coverage. However, they may not apply to your company, depending on the number of workers you employ. So, does that mean you always need insurance if you employ high-risk workers in Florida?

According to Florida Statute § 440.02, businesses with four or more employees generally have to carry workers’ comp insurance. The rules change for agricultural businesses, which need coverage if they employ six regular high-risk workers or 12 or more seasonal workers. When it comes to construction, any business with at least one employee must carry workers’ comp coverage because the industry is high-risk. If you have a trucking company in Florida and contract independent contractors to drive your vehicles, they are not considered full-time employees and aren’t covered under workers’ comp.

Whether you’re required by law to carry coverage or not, doing so is always wise if you employ any number of high-risk workers in Florida. Businesses can find affordable coverage by working with reliable professionals, like those at NPN Brokers, so they can be protected without breaking the bank.

While you may not need to carry workers’ comp for your high-risk employees in some cases, it’s smart to. Should a worker get injured on the job, your Florida company may be held financially responsible. Carrying workers’ comp coverage protects your business from work-related injuries. Regardless of your industry or how high-risk your workers are, it is wise to have reliable workers’ compensation insurance coverage just in case.

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