New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Landscaping Companies

When New Jersey landscaping companies fail to have the necessary insurance, they risk being financially liable for injuries sustained by employees.

Purchasing a Workers’ Compensation policy is crucial for landscaping companies because failure to do so could lead to penalties for noncompliance. Additionally, landscaping companies without Workers’ Compensation become vulnerable to employee lawsuits following work-related accidents. Landscapers are at an increased risk of sustaining certain injuries because they work outside, engage with hazardous tools, and often overwork and overexert themselves while working. Landscaping companies can begin to lower the cost of Workers’ Compensation premiums by requiring employee training, mandating breaks, and becoming part of the drug-free workplace program in New Jersey.

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Reasons Why New Jersey Landscaping Companies Should Get Workers’ Comp Coverage

Getting a Workers’ Compensation policy is important for all New Jersey companies, including landscaping companies. This is because coverage is mandated for most companies in the landscaping industry. In addition to getting insurance to adhere to New Jersey law, landscaping companies should purchase a policy because their employees are at an increased risk for workplace accidents and certain injuries.

They Are Mandated To

Most companies with even one employee are required to have a Workers’ Compensation policy in New Jersey. This includes landscaping companies. There are exemptions for sole proprietors and partners in the landscaping industry, provided such companies do not employ additional workers. Noncompliance with Workers’ Compensation requirements, whether willful or not, will likely result in penalties for landscaping companies. Penalties include fines of several thousand dollars as well as stop-work orders.

Furthermore, if your landscaping company does not retain a Workers’ Compensation policy and an employee gets injured on the job, they can sue your company for compensatory damages. This might leave your landscaping company responsible for covering an injured worker’s medical bills and lost wages. Litigation is not an option when landscaping companies get Workers’ Compensation.

Employees Work Outside

Landscapers work outside, putting them at risk for dehydration or heat exhaustion. The majority of landscaping work is done in the summer months, requiring landscapers to spend hours underneath the hot sun every day. Furthermore, landscapers must wear protective clothing when working, increasing the chances that they might overheat or become dizzy, leading to workplace accidents.

Employees Work with Hazardous Tools

Landscaping is more than just planting flowers. Workers typically have to use heavy machinery when excavating an area in preparation for planting. Landscaping employees might also have to use dangerous tools while completing their work, putting them at risk for injuries caused by defective machinery or negligence.

Employees Are at Risk for Certain Injuries

In addition to being subject to the elements on a daily basis as well as having to work with hazardous tools and machinery, landscapers are at risk for other injuries, making Workers’ Compensation coverage crucial for employers. Landscapers often have to pick up and carry large bags of dirt, rocks, or soil. This can lead to back injuries, especially if done frequently. Other repetitive motion injuries are common among landscapers and can lead to Workers’ Compensation claims. Despite the fact that landscapers typically wear protective clothing and gear, they are at an increased risk for knee, neck, back, and wrist injuries in New Jersey.

How to Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs for New Jersey Landscaping Companies

Because landscapers are at an elevated risk for certain workplace injuries, premiums for insurance might be higher in some cases. That said, our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can help you to lower the cost of coverage when you introduce certain practices to your landscaping company in New Jersey.

Mandate Training

Landscapers often go out on jobs, typically to different locations. This means managers or employers might not be present at every job site and must trust that their employees will act responsibly. In order to reduce the number of workplace accidents and, thus, Workers’ Compensation premiums, landscaping companies can mandate training for workers. Training procedures can cover what to do if an accident occurs, how to check equipment for efficacy, and how to protect oneself from possible workplace hazards.

Require Breaks

Many accidents happen in the landscaping industry because workers get too tired and attempt to continue working. To prevent that from happening, require landscapers to take regular breaks. This is especially important in the summer months when the weather in New Jersey is very hot. Breaks should include time spent in the shade and drinking plenty of water so that landscapers have a clear mind when actually working.

Join the Drug-Free Workplace Program

Virtually all companies could benefit from enrolling in the New Jersey drug-free workplace program. This can allow your landscaping company to more easily drug test employees following a workplace accident and deny Workers’ Compensation claims when employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers typically respond positively to employers that institute a drug-free workplace and reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums. When workplace accidents begin to decrease, so might your premiums.

Hire Independent Contractors

If the landscapers that work for your company are classified as independent contractors, you do not have to provide them with Workers’ Compensation coverage. While you can still get insurance for your regular employees, any independent contractors that work for your landscaping company will not be eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Investigate Accidents

While many work injury claims are valid, some are filed fraudulently. If your landscaping company intentionally investigates each accident, it might uncover fraudulent claims that it can then deny. Catching invalid Workers’ Compensation claims means less claims are paid out, which could lower your landscaping company’s insurance premiums.

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