Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy for Exterminators in New Jersey

Exterminators face hazards on a daily basis, making Workers’ Compensation all the more important.

Workers’ Compensation for exterminators provides lost-wage benefits that are 70% of a worker’s average weekly wages before injury. Workers’ Compensation also provides medical benefits. Virtually all exterminators are required to have Workers’ Compensation unless they are exempt. Exterminators come in contact with volatile pests and animals daily, as well as toxic pesticides and other materials. This increases the risks exterminators face of workplace injuries. To ensure your protection as an exterminator, always have a Workers’ Compensation policy in place.

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Workers’ Comp Coverage for New Jersey Exterminators

Although Workers’ Compensation is mandatory for most exterminators and extermination companies in New Jersey, it is a welcome requirement for many. That is because Workers’ Compensation provides benefits in cases of injury that the insurer, not the employer, pays. This results in protection for both the employer and the employee.

Generally, the amount of time an employee receives Workers’ Compensation benefits depends on the classification of their injury. That said, as long as workers qualify for benefits, they can receive 70% of their average weekly wages for, in most instances, as long as they are unable to go back to work. Workers’ Compensation also provides coverage for all necessary medical costs related to an exterminator’s injuries. Workers’ Compensation does not provide benefits for pain and suffering.

If you own an extermination company or are an exterminator working for yourself, having access to these benefits is crucial in case of an on-the-job accident. It allows employees to get the financial support they need following an injury and protects your extermination company from financial liability for their injuries. Workers’ Compensation should cover employees as soon as they begin working for an extermination company.

New Jersey Workers’ Comp and Independent Contractor Exterminators

Workers’ Compensation rules vary and largely depend on the number of workers employed by a company and the company’s classification. For example, contractors are not required to have Workers’ Compensation, according to New Jersey law. Neither are sole proprietors who do not have any additional employees.

Exterminators that work alone and for themselves will not be required by New Jersey law to get Workers’ Compensation. That said, our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can still find you affordable coverage, despite the fact that you are exempt. Just because you might not be mandated to have Workers’ Compensation does not mean you are exempt from getting hurt on the job. Suppose you are hurt while working as an exterminator in New Jersey and you are ineligible for Workers’ Compensation because you do not have insurance. In that case, you will have to cover the costs related to your injuries yourself.

Independent contractors and sole proprietor exterminators do not need to submit any paperwork to the Division of Workers’ Compensation to inform the agency of their decision to get insurance, despite being exempt from needing it. That said, exterminators should send proof of their policies to the Division of Workers’ Compensation so that the agency can update its records.

Before accepting that you do not need Workers’ Compensation because of your business classification, confirm that you qualify for the available exemptions. If you do not, and you do not get Workers’ Compensation, you might be penalized.

Risks of Workplace Injury for New Jersey Exterminators

Being an exterminator can be somewhat dangerous, depending on what you encounter each day. On top of animals or pests posing a danger to exterminators, the tools and materials they use can be very hazardous.

Depending on your specialty as an exterminator, you might come in contact with dangerous animals or pests on a daily basis. You might get bitten by bugs, stung by bees, or scraped by rats or mice. Such encounters might result in an injury that requires time off from work and medical treatment, which could lead to Workers’ Compensation claims.

Exterminators also work with pesticides and other toxic materials that could cause long-term health problems if regularly inhaled. This is why wearing the proper protective gear based on the circumstance is important. Constantly inhaling pesticides or other dangerous matter over many years could lead to serious medical problems in the future. These pesticides sometimes cause injury if they come in contact with the skin. Such incidents could lead to burns or loss of eyesight.

When New Jersey Exterminators Should Get Workers’ Comp Insurance

If you are opening a business or just starting off as an independent contractor exterminator, you should have a Workers’ Compensation policy in place before you begin operations.

Extermination companies with employees must always have Workers’ Compensation plans. If you are ever found to be without Workers’ Compensation when needed, you will undoubtedly face fines and other penalties from the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Additional penalties include stop-work orders, which could cause many problems for extermination companies in New Jersey. The consequences only increase if an employee is injured when a company does not have Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Workplace accidents can happen at any time, even when you least expect them. Although you might think that a worker has the highest chance of being injured when called to an extermination job, they could still slip and fall in the office, leading to a Workers’ Compensation claim. Therefore, it is always important to have a policy in place. That way, regardless of the circumstance, you can be protected if a workplace accident occurs.

This is true for independent contractors as well. Although you might not be mandated to have Workers’ Compensation, getting it is important for your own protection.

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