How to Get the Cheapest Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Cheap Workers’ Compensation insurance is not a fantasy. In fact, affordable coverage can be your reality when you partner with our brokers to find a policy.

Getting the cheapest Workers’ Compensation insurance possible is a goal of many employers. By familiarizing yourself with your company’s various risk factors and getting in touch with reliable carriers, such goals can be achieved. Workers’ Compensation premiums do not always stay at the same price, especially when certain changes occur. You can mitigate these changes or make them work in your favor by reducing the frequency of accidents in the workplace and maintaining open communication with your Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. In doing so, you might see your already inexpensive Workers’ Compensation premiums reduce in cost.

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How Can I Get the Cheapest Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Despite being a mandatory expense for most employers, Workers’ Compensation does not have to be unnecessarily costly. In fact, companies can employ a few tactics to get the cheapest Workers’ Compensation insurance available to them, regardless of their industry.

Know Your Company’s Risk Factors

There are a few things employers can’t avoid when it comes to Workers’ Compensation, such as risks their companies present. So, start by taking an honest look at your company’s history. Have there been many workplace accidents in the recent past? Do your employees work with dangerous machinery or in an office environment? Do you have a high or low payroll? Industry, age, and size impact Workers’ Compensation premiums most, as well as a company’s history regarding injuries and accidents in the workplace. These characteristics of your company will allow our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers to estimate an appropriate cost of coverage so that you can know what to expect from Workers’ Compensation premiums. Understanding your company’s risk factors, or lack thereof, may also allow you to more easily identify Workers’ Compensation quotes that are simply too high.

Learn Your Company’s Code and Rate

Workers’ Compensation premiums are not just determined by subjective factors, such as a company’s payroll, age, industry, and other risk factors. There are other elements that are taken into account by carriers, such as a company’s code and rate. Many states use guidance from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to set Workers’ Compensation rates for specific industries. Other states use their own agencies to do this. Regardless, your company’s code classification and its corresponding rate will determine the lowest cost of Workers’ Compensation for your business when applied to its payroll. This is essentially the cheapest your Workers’ Compensation premiums can be. Suppose quotes from carriers are far higher than the baseline cost of insurance for your company, and you have no apparent risk factors that would otherwise increase the price of premiums. In that case, you should keep looking for coverage and contact our brokers for assistance.

Know Which Insurance Carriers to Contact

There are countless providers of Workers’ Compensation out there, many of which want to give your company expensive coverage. Because of this, it is important to know which carriers to contact when sourcing quotes. Our brokers have long-established relationships with carriers that are flexible and transparent when it comes to pricing. Even companies in high-risk industries can find affordable Workers’ Compensation insurance from the right carrier. Searching for providers on your own might cause you to fall victim to unfair policies and premiums that do not provide the necessary protections for your company and its employees. Carriers that are difficult to work with from the get-go might not provide your company with the cheapest Workers’ Compensation insurance at any point during your relationship.

Be Honest with Your Insurance Carrier

Maintaining the relationship between an employer and their Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier is important. It is crucial always to maintain open and clear communication with your carrier. In doing so, you will be able to get the most accurate Workers’ Compensation premiums for your company. Do not intentionally or unintentionally misclassify your employees when seeking workplace liability insurance coverage. Doing so might cause you to be fined or your coverage to be dropped. If your policy is canceled, you might be penalized by your state’s Workers’ Compensation agency for non-compliance. When employers need coverage urgently, they can contact our brokers to get quotes within a day. Inform your carrier of workplace accidents as they occur and assist your carrier as necessary during its investigation into an accident or processing of a claim. Being transparent with your carrier when first getting coverage will be essential to finding the cheapest Workers’ Compensation available.

Keep Your Working Environment Safe for Employees

Even if your initial Workers’ Compensation premiums are cheap, there is no guarantee they will stay at that price. Insurance premiums are adjusted regularly to account for certain changes. For example, if your payroll has increased, so might your Workers’ Compensation premiums. The same thing might happen when workplace accidents occur, especially if they happen at a high frequency. While your carrier decides premium adjustments, there are ways to keep costs low. That starts with maintaining a safe working environment for employees. The fewer accidents that occur at your workplace, the lower your Workers’ Compensation premiums might become. Employers in some states can also implement drug-free workplace programs in exchange for a Workers’ Compensation credit. If your employees regularly work with hazardous materials or machinery, ensure that they are properly trained and that all machinery is effective. You can also offer injured employees transitional jobs so that they can return to work and receive lesser Workers’ Compensation lost-wage benefits.

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