How Do I Get Proof of Coverage for Workers’ Comp in Florida?

If your Florida business is required to carry workers’ comp insurance, as many are, it will likely benefit you to get proof of coverage. But what is proof of coverage for workers’ comp in Florida, and how can you get it?

In Florida, proof of coverage for workers’ comp insurance is a certificate issued by your carrier. Sometimes, an insurer will send you proof of coverage when you purchase a plan, but you may also have to request it yourself. This certificate of workers’ comp insurance acts as proof that you or your business has adequate coverage in case of a work-related injury. Having proof and showing it to clients or employees can help them feel comfortable, knowing that any potential work injuries will be covered.

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What Is Proof of Coverage for Workers’ Comp in Florida?

In Florida, there are strict workers’ comp laws to protect businesses in case of an employee injury. Because workers often want to know you have insurance, proof of coverage can be necessary when hiring employees or engaging in certain contracts. But what is proof of workers’ comp in Florida exactly?

To prove that you have workers’ comp insurance, your Florida business needs a certificate of workers’ comp insurance. Having this certificate on hand can be helpful, especially when hiring new employees. It’s important for your Florida business to have proof of insurance, so workers know you’re covered in case of an injury.

But first, you need workers’ comp insurance. To get it for your Florida business, you can enlist help from a broker, like those at NPN Brokers. That way, you can find affordable workers’ comp insurance that protects your business if an employee is injured at work.

Now that you know what proof of workers’ comp insurance is in Florida, you need to know how to get it. Having this certificate can be important in various scenarios and to protect your business from financial liability if an employee sustains a work-related injury.

How Do You Get Proof of Coverage for Workers’ Comp in Florida?

Getting proof of workers’ comp insurance in Florida may seem complicated at first. After all, you need to acquire a certificate that proves you have coverage. So, how do you get proof of coverage for workers’ comp in Florida?

In order to get proof of coverage, you need to have coverage, to begin with. Experienced brokers, like those at NPN Brokers, can help your Florida business find a reliable plan that will protect it if an employee is injured at work. So, after you have workers’ comp insurance, what comes next?

Essentially, all you have to do is request proof of insurance from your Florida workers’ comp insurer. Your insurer will then provide you with a certificate of workers’ compensation insurance. If you have a responsible insurer, they will likely give you proof of insurance soon after your Florida business requests it.

Some insurers will automatically send you proof of coverage as soon as you purchase it, but you might have to request it yourself if you don’t receive it right away.

What Information Is Included in Proof of Coverage for Workers’ Comp?

You may be wondering how important can one certificate be? What information is included in the proof of coverage document for workers’ comp in Florida that makes this document so crucial for your business?

In Florida, proof of coverage documents, or workers’ compensation insurance certificates, contain all necessary information that a client or employee may need. The following are some pieces of information often noted in proof of coverage documents for workers’ comp:

  • Insurer’s information
  • Policyholder’s information
  • Workers’ comp policy number
  • Policy limits
  • Policy effective date
  • Policy expiration date

Basically, this certificate will seek to put potential clients’ or employees’ minds at ease by providing them with all information they may need before a job. Proof of coverage for workers’ comp lets others know that their finances will be covered if they sustain a work-related injury.

Do You Need Proof of Coverage for Workers’ Comp in Florida?

While getting proof of coverage for workers’ comp insurance in Florida may have its perks, is it really necessary? Does your business need proof of coverage or need workers’ comp at all in Florida?

For Businesses with Employees

Most businesses in Florida with four or more employees must carry workers’ comp insurance. Getting a workers’ comp insurance certificate from your carrier is necessary to prove that you have adequate coverage when hiring new employees. A potential worker may ask for information about your policy before they decide to work for your Florida business. If you don’t have proof of workers’ comp, they may fear that you don’t have coverage at all. Not only could you lose a potential worker, but they may report your business for lack of insurance.

For Independent Contractors

All contractors and construction companies in Florida must carry workers’ comp insurance, including independent contractors. That means, if you’re completing work in a client’s home, you need insurance. Providing proof of coverage for workers’ comp is necessary in these instances. Clients may worry that they will be held financially responsible if an independent contractor sustain an injury on the job. Getting insurance through brokers like those at NPN Brokers can help you find an affordable plan as an independent contractor and then get proof of coverage to appease your clients.

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