Guide to Georgia Workers’ Comp Laws for Employers

As an employer in Georgia, it is important to have a well-rounded understanding of your Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements. If you don’t you might face severe penalties for non-compliance.

Employers in Georgia can get Workers’ Compensation insurance by contacting our brokers. Most employers will need coverage for their employees, provided they have more than two workers. In some cases, there are penalties for non-compliance, such as lofty fines and even jail time. Some employers, such as sole proprietors and partners, are immediately exempt from needing Workers’ Compensation, while others can choose to exempt themselves, such as LLC members and corporate officers. Costs of Workers’ Compensation vary for employers and are based on industry, payroll, and history of claims.

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How Can Employers in Georgia Get Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Employers can get Workers’ Compensation insurance from a licensed insurance provider in Georgia. Georgia does not have a state fund for Workers’ Compensation.

If you need protection for your business, our Georgia Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can contact dependable carriers to get quotes within a matter of days. There is no state fund for Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, meaning getting coverage from a private carrier is the sole option for employers apart from self-insuring.

While self-insuring is an option, it does not provide the same protections for employers as a Workers’ Compensation policy from a private carrier does. Whether or not employers need Workers’ Compensation based on Georgia’s requirements, getting a policy that covers their workers is generally the safest decision.

Which Employers Need Workers’ Comp Coverage in Georgia?

Most employers in Georgia need Workers’ Compensation, barring some exceptions. This is because Georgia requires Workers’ Compensation for businesses with more than two employees.

Although there are some exceptions to this rule, the majority of employers in Georgia must have Workers’ Compensation if they employ three or more workers. This applies to employers in most industries.

The only main factor determining employers’ Compensation requirements is payroll. The industry your company is in has little to no impact on whether or not you will need insurance for your workers in Georgia. General contractors may need to ensure that any subcontractors they hire have Workers’ Compensation and provide it if they don’t.

Which Employers Don’t Need Workers’ Comp Insurance in Georgia?

Only a handful of employers don’t need to have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. This includes sole proprietors, partners, and farm labor employers.

Sole proprietors and partners are automatically excluded from Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation system. This means they don’t need to get coverage for themselves unless they elect to. Sole proprietors and partners with employees may need a policy for those workers, depending on how many they employ.

Farm labor employers do not have any Workers’ Compensation insurance requirement. They can opt to provide coverage for their employees if they wish.

Any business with fewer than three employees does not need Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. Just because you aren’t required to get coverage for your workers does not mean you shouldn’t, as doing so can still protect you from financial liability for an employee’s damages related to a workplace accident.

What Penalties Might Employers Face for Not Having Workers’ Comp Insurance in Georgia?

Several kinds of penalties are levied against employers that fail to have Workers’ Compensation when required to in Georgia. These include civil penalties and liability for an injured worker’s medical bills and a portion of their lost wages.

According to O.C.G.A. § 34-9-18(c), the fine for non-compliance with Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation requirements is up to $5,000 per violation. Consistent willful non-compliance with insurance mandates might even result in up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $10,000 for employers in Georgia.

Employers can become financially responsible for an employee’s damages when they don’t have coverage. In these instances, employers may have to pay benefits equitable to what an employee should have received had an employer had the necessary Workers’ Compensation insurance. The State Board of Workers’ Compensation might also increase an injured worker’s damages by 10% if employers do not comply with insurance requirements.

How Can Employers Exempt Themselves from Workers’ Comp Coverage in Georgia?

If you are an LLC member or corporate officer and wish to exempt yourself from coverage in Georgia, you can do so. To do this, you must inform your insurer or the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

At any given time, five LLC members or corporate officers within the same company can elect to exempt themselves from Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. This can be done by submitting Form WC-10 to the Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Sole proprietors and partners previously exempt from coverage can also use Form WC-10 to opt into Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

What is the Cost of Workers’ Comp Insurance for Employers in Georgia?

The cost of Workers’ Compensation varies for employers in Georgia. Typically, the price is determined by a company’s industry and other relevant risk factors.

Generally, Workers’ Compensation costs depend on the industry. Employers in more dangerous industries, like manufacturing and construction, might be faced with higher initial premiums.

Costs also depend on an employer’s payroll. A larger workforce might mean a greater chance of workplace accidents occurring, thus higher premiums.

A company’s history of workplace accidents may be heavily factored into the cost of Workers’ Compensation as well. Employers who have had many workplace injuries in the past might see more expensive insurance premiums. Providing a safe working environment and reducing the frequency of work-related incidents can help lower Workers’ Compensation premiums in Georgia.

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