Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy for Painters in Georgia

If you are the owner of a painting company or you work alone as a painter in Georgia, it is important to find a Workers’ Compensation policy. If you fail to, you might be liable for injuries sustained in a workplace accident.

Only some painters in Georgia need to get a Workers’ Compensation policy. Those include painting companies, primarily. Sole proprietor painters do not need coverage, and 1099 employee painters will most likely not be covered by an employer’s policy. There are considerable risks to being without Workers’ Compensation as a painter in Georgia, especially because painters are likely to sustain various workplace injuries. Painters found to be non-compliant with Workers’ Compensation laws might face several consequences as well as a financial liability for an employee’s injuries or their own.

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Workers’ Compensation Policies for Painters in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation policy requirements differ for painters in Georgia, based on their business formation and whether or not they work for themselves as independent contractors.

Painting Companies

Any painting company that employs three or more painters must have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. Payroll is the only factor that influences coverage requirements in Georgia, meaning that most painting companies will need a Workers’ Compensation policy to stay according to Georgia’s laws. Even painting companies that are not mandated to have Workers’ Compensation can benefit from getting it in Georgia.

Sole Proprietor Painters

Painters that start a sole proprietorship do not need to be covered by Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. Sole proprietors are automatically exempt from needing coverage because they are not legally separate entities from their businesses. However, sole proprietor painters can elect to include themselves on a policy by submitting Form WC-10 to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

1099 Employee Painters

A company’s Workers’ Compensation policy will typically not cover painters who work as independent contractors in Georgia. Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can help 1099 employees find coverage for themselves so that they will be protected from job to job. While a company might provide you with coverage as a 1099 employee, they have no legal obligation to, meaning they most likely will not. Doing so could increase their Workers’ Compensation premiums. If you work as a subcontractor on a project, either the larger subcontracting company or the general contractor that hired you may have to provide you with a Workers’ Compensation policy in Georgia.

Dangers of Being a Painter without a Workers’ Compensation Policy in Georgia

There are several risks associated with working as a painter without Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia. For example, there is a greater chance that painters might sustain certain injuries that require compensation. Painters that work for themselves might also have difficulty finding clients. Painters that need to have Workers’ Compensation and do not get it might face penalties from the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Furthermore, painters without coverage might end up being financially liable for their injuries.

Workplace Accidents

Although painting might seem like a relatively low-risk job regarding workplace accidents, that is not necessarily the case. Painters might be more likely to sustain repetitive motion injuries or strains in the hands and wrists. Painting ceilings might require the use of ladders, meaning falls are relatively common. Painters might also sustain back, neck, and shoulder injuries from having to paint areas above them for considerably long periods of time. Kneeling down to paint might cause shoulder, hip, and knee injuries. Slip and falls are also common causes of workplace accidents among painters in Georgia. The higher risk of workplace accidents makes having Workers’ Compensation as a painter increasingly important in Georgia.

Difficulty Finding Clients

Often, painters work for themselves as independent contractors in Georgia. If a homeowner wants to hire you to paint their walls during a home renovation project, they may be less likely to if you do not have a Workers’ Compensation policy. This is because your client might become liable for your injuries if you are injured while working for them without insurance. Having Workers’ Compensation can allow your clients feel more comfortable hiring you, making it easier to find work as a painter in Georgia.


While not all painters need to have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, many painting companies do need coverage. If you choose to go without Workers’ Compensation when you are mandated to have it, you may face penalties from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. These penalties include financial consequences of up to $5,000 or $10,000, depending on the violation. Willful non-compliance with Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation requirements might also result in up to a year in jail for employers of painters. Georgia imposes penalties with each violation, meaning if you are found to be without a Workers’ Compensation policy several times, you might receive multiple financial penalties.

Financial Liability

Whether you employ painters or are a painter yourself, having Workers’ Compensation in Georgia is crucial. Those without Workers’ Compensation may be financially liable for injuries painters sustain during the course of their work. In Georgia, painters that do not get insurance will be responsible for providing injured workers with benefits equitable to benefits they would have received if they were able to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. The difference is that instead of your Workers’ Compensation carrier paying those benefits, your painting company will have to. Sole proprietor painters or 1099 employee painters will have to cover the costs of their injuries themselves if they do not get Workers’ Compensation. For employee injuries, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation might increase benefits paid to a worker by a painting company by 10%.

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