Workers’ Comp Insurance for Pool Cleaning Companies in Georgia

Because of Georgia’s hot climate, pools are very common. Pools need to be cleaned, and professionals provide that service. Cleaning pools can be a dangerous profession, meaning being protected by Workers’ Compensation insurance is important.

Pool cleaning companies typically need to get Workers’ Compensation policies in Georgia. Policies must cover all employees, provided none are eligible to exempt themselves from coverage. Insurance is important for pool cleaning companies, as there are many workplace hazards that pose a danger to workers. If an employee files a claim, you can investigate it, but make sure you do not unnecessarily interfere, as doing so can lead to expensive fines. Benefits can be paid to injured employees whether or not you have Workers’ Compensation insurance. The only difference is who will pay those benefits, your pool cleaning company or its Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier.

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Workers’ Comp Policies for Pool Cleaning Companies in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation policies for pool cleaning companies need to cover all necessary workers in Georgia. They must provide benefits to injured employees as set by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can help pool cleaning companies throughout Georgia find a policy that suits their needs without going over budget. We have relationships with insurance companies that do not require deposits or contracts when signing on to a policy. This makes finding coverage more accessible to pool cleaning companies, large and small.

In Georgia, almost all pool cleaning companies need Workers’ Compensation. That is because any business with upwards of two employees is required to maintain insurance at all times. Unless you can exempt some of your workers, which is only permissible if they are members of your LLC or officers of your corporation, the policy purchased by your pool cleaning company must cover all employees. Coverage sets in immediately as soon as a new worker is hired in Georgia. This means that your premiums might increase as your workforce does, which is why beginning with an inexpensive policy is important.

Workplace Hazards for Pool Cleaning Companies in Georgia

Pool cleaning services are required for both commercial and residential purposes. Whether your workers are treating an empty nester pool at a client’s home or an Olympic-sized swimming pool at a hotel, they face certain workplace hazards that could cause them injury.

The chemicals necessary to treat a pool can be dangerous. If improperly handled, they can cause chemical burns and eye injuries. Because Georgia is a no-fault state for Workers’ Compensation, an employee can still file a claim for benefits, even if they acted negligently when they were injured.

Workers might even fall into pools and hit their heads, leading to anoxic brain injuries or possible drowning. Georgia’s intense heat can lead to dehydration, causing workers to fall and hurt themselves when working outside cleaning a pool. Even if your pool cleaning company employs trained professionals, accidents can happen, making having Workers’ Compensation all the more crucial for pool cleaning companies in Georgia.

Navigating Workers’ Comp Claims as a Pool Cleaning Company in Georgia

If one of the pool cleaners you employ files a Workers’ Compensation claim in Georgia, it is important that your company knows how to proceed.

Begin by ensuring the injured worker sees a doctor that is approved by your Workers’ Compensation carrier. If the injured employee refuses to do so, that is reason enough to deny their claim. Employers can also ask questions about an accident and gather information. For example, if other workers were nearby when another employee was injured, they may be able to provide some insight into the situation.

Pools, especially ones used for commercial purposes, often have security cameras nearby. Homeowners might also use such devices to ensure no one trespasses on their property. If video footage suggests that a worker intentionally caused their injuries while cleaning a client’s pool, their claim can be denied.

While pool cleaning companies can be somewhat involved in the claims process and provide information to their Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers, it is important that they do not interfere. Making any misleading statements in an effort to have a Workers’ Compensation claim denied can lead to employers incurring a penalty of $1,000 to $10,000 in Georgia.

Paying Workers’ Comp Benefits to Pool Cleaning Workers in Georgia

If a claim for benefits is approved, a pool cleaning company’s Workers’ Compensation carrier will pay benefits to an injured worker. If a pool cleaning company does not have insurance in Georgia, it will be their responsibility to pay benefits to an injured worker.

Workers’ Compensation benefits in Georgia are very similar to other states in that injured employees can receive a portion of their lost wages for several years, often until they are healed. Workers can also recover compensation for all necessary medical expenses related to their workplace injuries. Workers’ Compensation benefits do not include compensation for pain and suffering.

When pool cleaning companies do not have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, they become responsible for paying benefits to hurt employees. While benefits paid out of pocket by employers are equitable to benefits from carriers, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation reserves the right to increase benefits by 10% when employers do not have coverage. Pool cleaning companies should understand this is not the same thing as self-insuring Workers’ Compensation. That is because there are additional fines associated with failure to have insurance in Georgia, which could add up to thousands of dollars that your pool cleaning company would have to pay, on top of paying benefits to an injured worker.

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