Workers’ Comp Insurance for Logging Companies in Georgia

While Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements in Georgia are not based on industry, businesses in dangerous industries, like logging companies, generally have to have insurance based on their workforces.

Because loggers use heavy machinery to cut down and process the raw material of trees, they are at a high risk of being injured at work. That is why Workers’ Compensation is necessary. Loggers are often seasonal workers, but that does not mean they do not have to be covered by Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. While discouraging drug or alcohol use in the workplace is important for all companies, it is doubly so for logging companies. You can enter Georgia’s drug-free workplace program to receive a credit on Workers’ Compensation premiums and reduce the risk of workplace accidents among loggers you employ.

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Responsibilities of Logging Company Workers in Georgia

While logging companies might employ many workers that do everything from administrative work to managerial work, the majority of logging company employees have responsibilities that put them in the position of possibly sustaining workplace injuries in Georgia.

Simply put, loggers cut down trees. They do this using power chain saws or other heavy machinery. They cut down trees, let the trees fall, then harvest them to sell the raw material. The work that logging demands can be strenuous and physically demanding. Loggers often operate in isolated forests, far from hospitals. If an accident does happen, it might be long before a hurt logging employee is able to get medical attention.

Loggers might also sustain crushing injuries if struck by a falling tree. If they are not wearing the proper protective gear, loggers might get materials in their eyes, causing serious eye injuries. Due to the dangerous nature of logging, workers might get hurt for innumerable reasons in Georgia.

That said, because of the serious danger logging presents, logging companies are typically experienced in properly training employees and prioritizing workplace safety, as the injuries that employees might sustain could be fatal.

Many carriers consider a company’s employees’ responsibilities when offering a Workers’ Compensation policy. If employee responsibilities present an increased risk of accidents, a carrier might adjust premiums accordingly. Logging companies can offset possible premium increases by doing their best to prevent workplace injuries and seeking coverage from our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. Your premiums can start low, enabling you to handle slight increases that may come with workplace accidents among loggers in Georgia.

Workers’ Comp Insurance for Logging Companies with Seasonal Workers in Georgia

Logging is often seasonal work, leaving companies to wonder whether or not they need Workers’ Compensation if they employ seasonal loggers in Georgia.

Georgia statutes are very clear in that all workers, whether they are full-time, part-time, or seasonal, must be covered by Workers’ Compensation if the company that employs them is required to have insurance. So, logging companies that employ seasonal workers will still need to purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy if they have more than three employees in Georgia.

That said, there are still ways to lower Workers’ Compensation costs, even if you have to provide coverage to seasonal loggers. This is best done by getting pay-as-you-go insurance. If you employ most of your workers during a specific season, which would likely be summer for logging companies, your premiums will go down in the off months. That is because pay-as-you-go policies only use current employment numbers when determining monthly premiums.

So, suppose you employ 100 loggers in the summer, and your workforce goes down to only administrative workers in the winter. When the time comes that those loggers are no longer working for you because they are seasonal workers, they will not be included in your Workers’ Compensation policy or contribute to the premiums you pay for insurance in Georgia.

Workers’ Comp Drug-Free Workplace Program for Georgia Logging Companies

Because loggers use heavy machinery on a daily basis, they are at an increased risk of injuries. By prioritizing employee safety and enforcing a drug-free workplace, you can cut down on the number of claims filed with your logging company’s Workers’ Compensation carrier in Georgia.

Logging companies in Georgia can apply to become part of the state’s drug-free workplace program online or by mail. If your logging company is approved, it will receive a 7.5% reduction in its Workers’ Compensation premiums.

To qualify for a drug-free workplace Workers’ Compensation credit, your logging company must meet certain requirements. These include providing written statements about your company’s program, employee education about the danger of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, employee resources, substance abuse testing, and supervisor training. Drug-free workplace programs require substance abuse testing during the application process, after an accident, or any time an employer has reasonable suspicion to believe a logger is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Confidentiality is also a crucial part of any drug-free workplace program in Georgia.

When you have a drug-free workplace and properly enforce it, Workers’ Compensation claims involving drug or alcohol use will not be approved. Your logging company can also implement mandatory substance abuse testing following a workplace accident to confirm whether or not an employee was under the influence at the time they were injured. If they were, a logger could be denied Workers’ Compensation benefits in Georgia.

In addition to enforcing a drug-free workplace, logging companies can regularly test loggers on proper safety protocols and what to do to prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. By also informing loggers what to do if an incident occurs, logging companies might be able to limit the number of serious injuries.

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