Workers’ Comp Insurance for HVAC Companies in Georgia

If you own an HVAC company in Georgia, it is important to learn about your insurance requirements. In general, HVAC companies will have to get Workers’ Compensation coverage.

Since Georgia requires all businesses with more than two employees to get Workers’ Compensation, most HVAC companies will need to get an insurance policy. Policies can provide wage-loss benefits and medical benefits to employees injured in an HVAC-related accident in Georgia. If you need insurance but do not get it, your HVAC company could become responsible for paying damages to an injured worker. The chances of this happening increase for companies that employ workers in dangerous occupations, such as HVAC installation. Not getting Workers’ Compensation also makes HVAC companies vulnerable to fines and other consequences for acts of non-compliance in Georgia.

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Reasons Why HVAC Companies Should Get Workers’ Comp Insurance in Georgia

There are many reasons why HVAC companies in Georgia should get Workers’ Compensation. The first is that the prevalence of workplace injuries among HVAC workers in Georgia is high. The next reason is that HVAC companies without insurance can be responsible for paying benefits to an injured worker. And finally, failure to comply with Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation requirements can lead to penalties imposed by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Prevalence of Injuries

HVAC workers perform complex electrical work. Without the proper training or safety equipment, such workers might sustain electrical burns in Georgia. HVAC workers might also be more likely to fall from ladders, leading to broken bones and traumatic head injuries. Due to the dangerous nature of the work their employees do on a regular basis, HVAC companies in Georgia should maintain a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation policy at all times.

Financial Liability

Not getting Workers’ Compensation in Georgia can cause your HVAC company to be financially responsible for an injured worker’s damages. In Georgia, companies that do not adhere to the insurance mandate will have to pay damages that are equal to the damages an employee would have recovered had they been able to file a Workers’ Compensation claim. If an employee’s damages are significant, your HVAC company could pay wage-loss and medical benefits in high amounts for many years. Additionally, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation might choose to increase damages payable to an injured worker by 10% in Georgia.

Possible Penalties

In addition to possibly being financial liable for a worker’s injuries and subsequent damages, your business might face possible fines from the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation for acts of non-compliance. Refusing to get Workers’ Compensation can lead to a fine of $5,000. Consistent non-compliance might result in jail time or fines of $10,000 for HVAC employers in Georgia. For other acts of non-compliance, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation might levy fines of up to $1,000 per violation. Getting Workers’ Compensation safeguards you from these possible penalties and protects your HVAC company and its employees.

Workers’ Comp Insurance Policy Coverage for Injured HVAC Workers in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation policies pay out benefits to injured workers so that HVAC companies in Georgia do not have to. Benefits provide compensation for a portion of an injured worker’s lost wages as well as their medical expenses.

Your Workers’ Compensation policy coverage can provide wage-loss benefits to an injured worker employed by your HVAC company, regardless of the cause of their injuries. Policies will provide certain benefits, including wage-loss benefits. Wage-loss benefits equate to about two-thirds of a worker’s average weekly wages for the time they are unable to return to work, not exceeding 350 or 400 weeks, depending on the classification of their injuries.

Workers’ Compensation also pays medical benefits to injured HVAC workers in Georgia. Medical benefits cover all necessary medical expenses related to a worker’s injuries, such as the cost of surgeries, physical therapy, or prescription medications. Medical benefits might be paid out over the course of several years or for the rest of an employee’s life, depending on the severity of their injuries.

To lower the wage-loss benefits paid to an injured worker employed by your HVAC company and to reduce the impact a claim has on your Workers’ Compensation premiums, you can offer them a transitional job. This will allow them to earn an income, albeit a possibly lower one, while adhering to a doctor’s work restrictions in Georgia.

If a worker intentionally caused their injuries in Georgia, your HVAC company will have reason to deny their Workers’ Compensation claim.

HVAC Companies that Need Workers’ Comp Insurance Policies in Georgia

Any HVAC company that employs three or more workers in Georgia will need to have some form of Workers’ Compensation coverage. This is mandated by Georgia law.

Because most HVAC companies in Georgia employ more than two workers, most companies of this kind will need to purchase Workers’ Compensation to avoid repercussions. Workers’ Compensation must cover all employees, barring any LLC members or corporate officers that claim coverage exemptions.

Independent contractors, partners, or sole proprietors operating within the HVAC industry will not need Workers’ Compensation. They can choose to get coverage from our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers and alert the State Board of Workers’ Compensation of their decision to opt into the system by filing Form WC-10.

Other HVAC companies with fewer than three employees will not be mandated to have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. Even if you are not required to have insurance for your company, getting it is wise, as workplace accidents might happen that cause you to be financially responsible for an HVAC employee’s damages in Georgia.

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