Workers’ Comp Insurance for Exterminators in Georgia

Companies that offer extermination services to clients typically must get Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage in Georgia. This is paramount, as a lack of coverage could result in serious consequences for pest control companies.

Exterminators need Workers’ Compensation in Georgia if their payroll numbers determine so. While compliance is important to avoid fines, it is also necessary because of the workplace dangers pest control workers face regularly. Not having insurance can also make prospective clients cautious about hiring your extermination company for a job on their property. Companies can prevent accidents by ensuring their workers are trained and wear the necessary protective gear when performing a job. Insurance costs vary but are lower than the possible penalties a pest control company might face for not having Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

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Why Exterminators Need Workers Comp in Georgia

Workers’ Compensation is important for exterminators, especially companies with a payroll that exceeds the limit for going without coverage in Georgia. The chemicals and equipment used by exterminators can also be dangerous, increasing the significance of getting Workers’ Compensation for pest control companies. Because exterminators often go to clients’ homes to service them, having Workers’ Compensation can allow them to get more clients, as clients will not be fearful of liability should a worker be hurt on the job.


If you employ more than two exterminators in Georgia, speak to our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers about getting coverage. Payroll determines the need for insurance, and any company with three or more workers is required to have liability coverage. Sole proprietors and independent contractors working as exterminators do not need to get Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. You can choose to opt into the system by informing the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation of your desire for insurance.


Exterminators face workplace hazards on a daily basis. They deal with pests and animals that can cause them injury and chemicals that can cause illness or burns if improperly used. Problems with safety equipment can also cause injuries among pest control workers in Georgia. These workers might fall off of ladders and suffer broken bones or head injuries as well. Because they often need to crawl into tight spaces, exterminators might sustain knee and elbow injuries in Georgia.


Exterminators often go to clients’ homes or properties to provide their services. If you do not have Workers’ Compensation, a client might be concerned that they will be liable for any injuries possibly sustained in an accident that occurs on their property. While liability would not fall on a client unless the improper maintenance of their property led to a pest control worker’s injuries, a client might still be wary of hiring an extermination company or contractor that does not have the necessary Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia.

Preventing Workplace Injuries to Exterminators in Georgia

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, exterminators see some of the highest rates of illnesses and injuries across all industries. You can limit the number of accidents that occur, and their impact on your Workers’ Compensation premiums, by setting and meeting safety standards.

Proper training of exterminators is crucial. If pest control workers are not shown how to use equipment or pesticides or are not informed what procedures to follow when dealing with certain pests, they might be more likely to be injured in an accident. Mixing certain pesticides or chemicals can result in a dangerous reaction.

Preventing workplace accidents is also possible by ensuring all exterminators wear the necessary protective gear. This often includes goggles, gloves, close-toed shoes, and long pants and shirts. In some instances, wearing a full-body protective suit and a respirator might be necessary, depending on the type of task being completed.

When you are able to reduce the number of workplace accidents that occur among the exterminators you employ, your Workers’ Compensation premiums can go down. This will happen over time as you consistently limit the number of claims filed by employees in Georgia.

Estimating the Cost of Workers’ Compensation for Georgia Exterminators

Extermination is a high-risk job, meaning the initial cost of Workers’ Compensation might be higher than that of less dangerous professions in Georgia. Still, Workers’ Compensation does not have to be unnecessarily expensive for pest control companies.

Because of the hazards that exterminators face, they are a higher risk to insure for Workers’ Compensation. To get an idea of the base cost of your insurance premiums, learn about your company’s National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) code and rate. Our brokers can determine your NCCI class code after learning more about the specific type of pest control work your company performs.

Your NCCI class code will be applied to your payroll information. The more pest control workers you employ, the higher the cost will be. From there, other risk factors will be assessed, such as the number of claims previously filed by your employees. This might be an indication of unsafe work environments, depending on the industry, and increase the cost of Workers’ Compensation premiums. Newer, less established pest control companies also typically see higher premiums at first.

Workers’ Compensation costs less than what extermination companies might pay in fines if they go without insurance. Fines can add up to $10,000, depending on the violation, as well as jail time for employers. Employers are still on the hook for providing benefits to pest control workers hurt on the job in Georgia, even if they do not have insurance. In such cases, an employer would have to compensate a worker themselves.

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