Georgia Workers’ Compensation Policy Coverage for Roofing Contractors

If you are a roofing contractor in Georgia, you may or may not have a Workers’ Compensation liability. Regardless of whether or not you do, getting coverage is typically best.

Roofing contractors with three or more regular employees will need Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. While roofers might be eligible for exemptions from coverage, it is best to be included on a policy in case a workplace accident happens. Roofing contractors might need to provide subcontractors with Workers’ Compensation, depending on who the liability falls on. Roofers may be eligible for flexible policies that work according to their budgets and coverage needs. Getting Workers’ Compensation as a roofing contractor in Georgia is important, as roofers are more likely to sustain certain serious injuries in a work-related accident.

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Roofing Contractors and Workers’ Compensation Policies in Georgia

Most roofing contractors in Georgia will need Workers’ Compensation to evade financial liability for a worker’s injuries and comply with Georgia’s insurance coverage requirements.

Any roofing contractor that employs more than two employees must have Workers’ Compensation coverage for those employees in Georgia. Subcontractors are not included in payroll numbers for Workers’ Compensation, but roofing contractors may sometimes have an insurance liability for those workers.

If a roofing contractor works for themselves as a 1099 employee or a sole proprietor, they will most likely be excluded from Workers’ Compensation coverage in Georgia. Partners are also exempt from needing Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

The Workers’ Compensation policy you purchase in Georgia typically must cover all employees you have and, in most cases, yourself. If you are subject to coverage in Georgia, our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can write a policy that suits your budget and needs. Roofing contractors that are members of an LLC or officers of a corporation may be able to exempt themselves from coverage. If you are eligible for exemptions, hesitate to get one, as doing so will make you financially liable for your injuries if you are hurt as a roofing contractor in Georgia.

There are criminal and civil penalties for roofing contractors that fail to follow Workers’ Compensation requirements in Georgia. These include financial penalties for non-compliance and, in more extreme cases, jail time for employers.

Workers’ Compensation Mandates for Roofing Contractors with Subcontractors in Georgia

If you employ subcontractors as a roofing contractor in Georgia, you should ensure that the subcontractors you hire have the necessary Workers’ Compensation coverage. Otherwise, the insurance liability might fall onto you.

Roofing contractors that work similarly to general contractors in that they hire subcontractors to complete part of a project have a responsibility to ensure those subcontractors have Workers’ Compensation. You may have to include subcontractors in your Workers’ Compensation policy if they do not have coverage of their own.

Determining who is liable for a subcontractor’s Workers’ Compensation coverage can be challenging and is not always clear. If you are unsure whether or not you are responsible for providing a Workers’ Compensation policy to subcontractors as a roofing contractor, contact the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation for clarification. If you are responsible for covering subcontractors and fail to do so, you might end up having to pay benefits to injured subcontractors yourself.

Flexible Workers’ Compensation Policies for Georgia Roofing Contractors in Georgia

As a roofing contractor with a business of any size in Georgia, finding affordable Workers’ Compensation coverage is important. Flexible policies exist that can allow you to reduce spending on premiums and stay safeguarded from financial liability for damages.

Our brokers have relationships with carriers that offer flexible and transparent Workers’ Compensation policies to roofing contractors. These policies do not require audits, which can be costly and influence premiums, nor do they require deposits or contracts.

Pay-as-you-go plans are also available, allowing roofers to stop paying for coverage for employees that no longer work for them when payroll changes occur. This is especially beneficial for roofers that frequently see a changing number of employees.

These flexible Workers’ Compensation policies for roofers can be found within a matter of days if you know where to look. Our brokers can get quotes within 24 hours after receiving the necessary information from roofing contractors. This allows roofers to find coverage quickly and not let a short lapse of insurance prevent them from working or being compliant with Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation insurance mandates.

Risks Associated with Roofing Contractors for Georgia Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Several risks are associated with being a roofing contractor in Georgia, making getting Workers’ Compensation all the more important. These include a risk of sustaining injuries in falls as well as other serious work-related injuries.

Roofing contractors work on roofs atop buildings. If safety equipment fails, these workers might fall from significant heights and sustain severe injuries such as broken bones and head injuries. The equipment necessary to complete roofing jobs poses additional risks to workers and might malfunction or be misused, leading to injuries. Roofers might also be more likely to sustain spinal damage, puncture wounds, burns, and repetitive motion injuries during the course of their work in Georgia.

Other risks of workplace accidents include high payroll numbers of roofing contractors and whether or not roofing contractors have a history of workplace accidents in Georgia.

Because the risk of sustaining injuries as a roofing contractor is high, purchasing a Workers’ Compensation policy in Georgia is crucial. When roofing contractors do not have insurance, they must provide equitable benefits to injured employees hurt on the job in Georgia. This can become unnecessarily expensive and pose financial issues for roofing contractors.

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