Workers’ Comp Coverage for Electrical Contractors in Georgia

If you work as an electrician in Georgia, whether by yourself or as the owner of a company, you may have to get Workers’ Compensation in case of a workplace accident.

Any electrical company that employs upwards of two workers must have insurance in Georgia. Independent contractor electricians do not need Workers’ Compensation for themselves but may have to provide it for any subcontractors they hire. Workers’ Compensation for electrical workers is important, as such workers can sustain serious burn injuries and other injuries in a workplace accident in Georgia. Electricians can lower their monthly Workers’ Compensation premiums by finding an affordable plan from the get-go and practicing safe workplace procedures to reduce the risk of accidents occurring in Georgia.

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Workers’ Comp Insurance Needs for Companies that Do Electrical Work in Georgia

Most companies that offer electrician services to customers or clients will need Workers’ Compensation insurance to adhere to the coverage requirements in Georgia.

All electrical companies with more than two electricians on staff need to have Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and those only apply to LLC members or corporate officers of electrical companies. All regular employees, which includes full-time and part-time workers, must be covered by Workers’ Compensation at all times in Georgia, provided there are more than two employees at a company.

Because electrical work is inherently dangerous, companies with many electricians on staff might see higher premiums. That said, our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can find coverage that meets your needs without becoming too expensive despite the risk factors associated with your line of work. Higher payrolls typically lead to higher monthly premiums, especially for companies in more dangerous industries like electrical work.

Electrical companies that do not get Workers’ Compensation when required might be given financial penalties from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia.

Workers’ Comp Coverage for Independent Contractor Electrical Workers in Georgia

Independent contractors are not typically considered regular employees in Georgia. This means that if you are an independent contractor working as an electrician, you may need to get your own insurance coverage in Georgia.

A temporary employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance will most likely not cover independent contractor electricians. This is because independent contractors are not regular employees and therefore are not legally required to be included in an employer’s policy. Furthermore, independent contractors do not need to purchase Workers’ Compensation for themselves according to Georgia’s mandates, as they typically work alone.

However, it generally behooves independent contractor electrical workers to get Workers’ Compensation in Georgia. This is because independent contractors without insurance coverage may be responsible for covering the cost of their own injuries if they are hurt on the job. Additionally, and for some, more importantly, independent contractors typically have more luck finding clients when they have the necessary insurance to protect them in Georgia.

Workers’ Comp Policy Requirements for Electricians with Subcontractors in Georgia

It is common for general or independent contractors to hire subcontractors to help with electrical work in Georgia. Determining Workers’ Compensation requirements in these situations can be complicated and must be done according to Georgia’s mandates.

If you hire a subcontractor to do electrical work in Georgia, check to see whether or not they are covered by a Workers’ Compensation policy. If they are employed by a subcontracting company with more than two employees, they will likely be covered by that company’s Workers’ Compensation policy. If not, you, as the hiring contractor, might be responsible for ensuring they have the necessary Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia. This means that you might have to purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy that includes any subcontractors you hire.

Common Workplace Injuries Sustained by Electrical Workers in Georgia

Because electrical work poses considerable risks to workers in Georgia, getting Workers’ Compensation becomes all the more important for those in the industry.

Electricians can sustain a wide variety of injuries while performing work-related tasks. One of the most common workplace injuries to electricians in Georgia is burns from electrocutions. Burns from shocks can cause permanent disfiguration or loss of limb use. Such injuries might prevent electricians from ever returning to work, making access to Workers’ Compensation benefits increasingly important.

Because of the intricate nature of the work they do, electricians might also sustain repetitive motion injuries. Electricians might also be injured in accidents involving falls from ladders in Georgia. These types of accidents might lead to broken bones, spinal cord injuries, sprains, head injuries, and fractures, among other injuries.

How to Lower Workers’ Comp Insurance Costs for Electrical Workers in Georgia

Although Workers’ Compensation coverage can be expensive for some electricians in Georgia, there are ways to lower costs while maintaining comprehensive insurance.

Our brokers have long-standing relationships with reliable, flexible insurance carriers in Georgia. These carriers do not require costly audits but instead offer plans free from expensive deposits and confusing contracts. In addition to partnering with a transparent carrier, electricians in Georgia can reduce their spending on monthly insurance premiums by implementing increased safety measures for themselves and their fellow workers.

Because the majority of workplace accidents involving electricians in Georgia are due to electrocution, workers can reduce the risk of injury by using the proper safety equipment. This includes rubber gloves, eye, and face protection, and garments covering the arms and legs. Regularly checking that equipment is working properly and preparing for a job can also lower the chances of an electrician sustaining serious injuries that unnecessarily hike up the cost of Workers’ Compensation premiums in Georgia.

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