Workers’ Comp Insurance for Carpenters in Georgia

In all likelihood, you will have to buy a Workers’ Compensation policy as a carpenter in Georgia, unless you work for yourself as an independent contractor or sole proprietor.

Carpenters with employees will most likely need to get Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia. Carpenters that work alone as sole proprietors or independent contractors are not mandated have to have Workers’ Compensation but should, as the risk of workplace accidents is high. Carpenters are likely to sustain injuries from the use of power tools, as well as other common workplace hazards. Failure to maintain Workers’ Compensation can result in penalties from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, including fines and possible jail time for carpenters.

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Workers’ Comp for Carpenters with Employees in Georgia

The majority of carpenters with employees will need to purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy in Georgia. This is because Georgia bases insurance requirements strictly on a company’s payroll.

All companies with three or more employees are required to purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage in Georgia, regardless of the industry they might operate in. This includes carpenters with upwards of two employees. Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can find you a policy quickly that covers all necessary employees so that your carpentry company has the proper protections in case of a workplace injury in Georgia.

Regarding employees that need coverage, Georgia allows corporate officers and LLC members to exclude themselves from their company’s policy up to a limit. While exempting LLC members or corporate officers will not eliminate your carpentry company’s Workers’ Compensation requirements, it can help to lower its insurance premiums in Georgia.

Workers’ Comp for Carpenters that Work Alone in Georgia

Many carpenters choose to work alone as independent contractors or sole proprietors. Taking this route could eliminate your Workers’ Compensation liability in Georgia.

If you are a sole proprietor carpenter, you will not be mandated to get Workers’ Compensation coverage in Georgia. That is because sole proprietors are automatically excluded from the Workers’ Compensation system. If you want insurance as a sole proprietor carpenter, you can file Form WC-10 with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation and opt into the system.

Independent contractor carpenters are also typically ineligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits unless they purchase their own policies. Independent contractors are not regular employees in Georgia, meaning they will most likely not be included in a temporary employer’s Workers’ Compensation plan. In order to get benefits after a workplace injury, independent contractor carpenters will need to get their own Workers’ Compensation insurance to protect themselves in Georgia.

Georgia Workers’ Comp Rules for Carpenters that Work as Subcontractors

Subcontractors are often hired to do a specific type of work during a project, like carpentry work. If you are a subcontractor carpenter in Georgia, confirming your access to Workers’ Compensation benefits is important.

In some cases, the subcontracting company you work for will have a Workers’ Compensation plan in Georgia. In other cases, subcontractors do not work for a larger company and are instead directly hired by general contractors or independent contractors. When this happens, the hiring contractor will likely be responsible for getting you Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia. Be sure to confirm this, otherwise you might have to purchase your own policy.

Price of Workers’ Comp for Carpenters in Georgia

Carpentry is relatively high-risk work because of the equipment used by carpenters. This could impact Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums for carpenters in Georgia.

Not only do carpenters use hand saws and hammers on a regular basis, but they use power tools that can cause serious injuries in Georgia. Because of this, carriers might characterize carpenters as high-risk workers and hike up their Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Your National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) rate might be higher or lower depending on the exact type of carpentry work you do. The NCCI has very specific codes for carpenters, including codes for carpenters that regularly install cabinets or specifically do trim finishing work.

Carpenters who have never been injured on the job will likely have lower Workers’ Compensation premiums in Georgia. Carpenters with revolving payrolls can get pay-as-you-go insurance, which can help them cut down on spending while having the proper insurance coverage in Georgia.

Importance of Workers’ Comp for Carpenters in Georgia

Because there is a higher risk of workplace accidents occurring among carpenters in Georgia, getting Workers’ Compensation insurance is of the utmost importance. In the same vein, not getting coverage when mandated to can result in financial penalties imposed by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Risk of Workplace Accidents

Carpenters in Georgia might be more likely to lose digits in a workplace accident due to the use of power tools. Carpenters might fall off ladders while working, resulting in serious traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries. Other injuries, like fractures, broken bones, eye injuries, repetitive motion injuries, and sprains, are also common among carpenters in Georgia. Suppose a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy does not cover you. In that case, you may be ineligible to receive benefits as a carpenter in Georgia, especially if you work as an independent contractor.

Avoidance of Penalties

Georgia takes compliance with Workers’ Compensation requirements very seriously and levies fines against carpenters that do not comply. Per violation of failure to provide Workers’ Compensation, the Board of Workers’ Compensation might assess a penalty not exceeding $5,000. Additional penalties could amount to $10,000 for a violation of one of Georgia’s many Workers’ Compensation laws. Penalties could also amount to jail time for carpenters that fail to get the necessary Workers’ Compensation policies in Georgia.

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