Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Companies that Employ 1099 Contractors in Georgia

If you are a 1099 employee in Georgia, you will most likely not be covered by a company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance. You can get your own policy to stay protected in case of a workplace accident.

Companies that hire 1099 employees, or independent contractors, in Georgia are not mandated to have Workers’ Compensation insurance for those employees. However, independent contractors can get Workers’ Compensation coverage for themselves if they choose. There are many benefits of taking this route, especially when it comes to dealing with the financial consequences of workplace accidents. Companies and clients may feel more comfortable hiring 1099 employees with their own Workers’ Compensation insurance, knowing they will not face legal action in the event of work-related injuries in Georgia.

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Workers’ Comp Requirements for Companies with 1099 Employees in Georgia

If you employ 1099 employees in Georgia, also known as independent contractors, you do not have to include them on your payroll numbers for Workers’ Compensation insurance. That is because independent contractors are not considered actual employees of a company in Georgia.

People who are 1099 employees do not have the same rights or access to Workers’ Compensation benefits in Georgia. Independent contractors are only hired to do specific work and are not company employees. They do not meet Georgia’s definition of a regular employee, meaning they are typically not eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Employers in Georgia have no legal obligation to provide Workers’ Compensation coverage for 1099 employees. This extends to homeowners that might hire an independent contractor to do some work around their house. No person that hires an independent contractor is legally required to get Workers’ Compensation for independent contractors. However, they can if they want to.

When you hire an independent contractor, it is important to make it clear that they will not receive Workers’ Compensation if injured on the job. If you do not get Workers’ Compensation coverage for 1099 employees, which is your right, you might face legal action if an independent contractor is injured while performing work for you. The sole recovery method allowed by Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation system does not extend to independent contractors hurt at work that are uncovered. This means that independent contractors might be able to file an injury claim against a company if they cannot receive benefits for Workers’ Compensation because they are uncovered.

Reasons to Get Workers’ Comp Coverage as a 1099 Employee in Georgia

If you are a 1099 employee, it is worth considering the benefits of purchasing your own Workers’ Compensation policy. In doing so, you can protect yourself and get benefits if hurt on the job.

Accessing Benefits

You can purchase your own Workers’ Compensation policy as a 1099 employee in Georgia. Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can find you a plan that provides coverage across all of your contracted jobs to protect you with each new project. By getting your own Workers’ Compensation plan, you can rely on access to benefits if hurt at work. Remember, an employer has no obligation to include you in their Workers’ Compensation policy if you are a 1099 employee. You may have to take matters into your own hands and get coverage if you wish to access Workers’ Compensation benefits in Georgia.

Avoiding Liability

When 1099 employees are uncovered by an employer’s Workers’ Compensation policy and are injured on the job, there can typically seek damages from an employer. While this route can also result in compensation for injured independent contractors, it can also be a lengthy and complicated process. By getting Workers’ Compensation insurance for yourself as a 1099 employee, you can avoid the difficulties that surround action against an employer and access your benefits more easily.

Avoiding Financial Responsibility for Injuries

As a 1099 employee, you work for yourself. That means that there is not a larger company behind you that is prepared to handle the cost of work-related injuries. Instead, that responsibility might fall on you if you are injured at work and do not have Workers’ Compensation insurance in Georgia. Being personally responsible for covering medical expenses due to a workplace accident can be overwhelming for independent contractors that rely on each new job to support themselves and their families. With your own Workers’ Compensation policy, you can eliminate that issue.

Getting Clients

Many independent contractors in Georgia take on clients. Those clients typically want to know that an independent contractor is covered by some form of insurance so that they will not be at risk of litigation should a workplace accident occur. When you take the initiative to get a Workers’ Compensation policy as a 1099 employee, your clients can feel more comfortable hiring you for contracted work, knowing they will be protected from possible injury claims.

How to Get Workers’ Comp Insurance for 1099 Employees in Georgia

As a 1099 employee who works for yourself, you might not think you have the resources necessary to get Workers’ Compensation insurance. However, there are affordable policies available, even for independent contractors.

Some carriers see independent contractors as a higher risk to insure, especially since they do not have the safety net of a larger company behind them. Independent contractors in more dangerous industries, like construction, might face higher premiums in Georgia.

That said, flexible and inexpensive policies do exist for 1099 employees in Georgia. For example, our brokers can pair you with a plan that does not require contracts or deposits, enabling you to cut down on spending in some areas that might otherwise be costly. You can base your plan on your needs and budget so that you get the necessary protections and access to benefits without paying too much.

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