What Forms Does an Employer Need to Fill Out After an Injury to a Worker in Florida?

As an employer, you have certain responsibilities following a workplace accident in Florida. Knowing which forms you have to complete according to which timelines is important, so that you can properly document a recent workplace injury.

When workplace injuries happen in Florida, there are several forms employers must fill out. To begin, the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Workers’ Compensation requires employers to fill out the Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness and Wage Statement forms. Your carrier may also require you to fill out forms that detail an accident’s events and an employee’s injuries. Failure to complete the necessary forms and properly report a recent workplace accident might result in serious consequences for employers. Insurance carriers might drop coverage, and Florida might apply penalties. To prevent that from happening, be sure to take the necessary steps after a workplace accident in Florida.

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Forms Employers Must Fill Out After Injuries to Employees in Florida

After a workplace accident resulting in injury, employers in Florida have to complete several reporting requirements. Not only do employers have to fill out forms mandated by the state as part of the reporting process, but they may have additional reporting responsibilities depending on their carriers. If you have questions or concerns about how to report a recent employee injury and are unsure what your carrier requires, speak with our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers.

Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness (DFS-F2-DWC-1)

The first form you must fill out as an employer after an employee injury in Florida is the Employer’s First Report of Injury or Illness, or DFS-F2-DWC-1. This form aims to inform your insurance carrier of an incident immediately and give them the necessary preliminary information about a recent accident and its events.

There are three main sections to this form, one that concerns an injured employee’s information, one that concerns an employer’s information, and one that is completed by a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. After receiving DFS-F2-DWC-1, your insurance carrier will add the necessary information and then send the form along to the Division of Workers’ Compensation in Florida.

Employers must fill out DFS-F2-DWC-1 and send it to their insurance carriers within ten days of being notified of a workplace accident in Florida. If you are unsure how to get in contact with your insurance carrier or need coverage quickly, reach out to our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers.

Wage Statement (DFS-F2-DWC-1a)

The second crucial form employers must fill out after a workplace accident in Florida is the Wage Statement, or DFS-F2-DWC-1a. This form concerns an injured employee’s usual work schedule and wage information for the 13 weeks preceding the week an injury occurred. DFS-F2-DWC-1a helps the Division of Workers’ Compensation and insurance carriers to determine the appropriate benefits for an injured employee based on their average weekly wages and other information.

There are very specific instructions for employers on properly completing DFS-F2-DWC-1a and what information to include. Employers must fill out this form within 14 days of learning of a workplace accident if an injured employee is expected to be disabled for more than seven calendar days in Florida.

Other Forms and Reports

In addition to reports required by Division of Workers’ Compensation, employers may have other reporting responsibilities depending on their Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers in Florida. Many carriers will require supervisors to complete a report detailing their knowledge of a workplace accident and its cause. Because insurance carriers typically want as much information as possible about an employee’s history and involvement in an accident, employers may be asked to fill out additional forms and provide other documents when they report an incident to insurance carriers in Florida.

For example, you may be required to fill out certain forms to send to an injured employee that include information about your pharmacy benefit program and approved medical care providers. In most cases, insurance carriers will also require employers to fill out forms related to accident investigations to ensure the validity of a claim. If you are part of Florida’s drug-free workplace program, your carrier may require you to drug test an injured employee and provide it with that information as well.

Why is it Important to Fill Out the Right Forms After a Workplace Accident in Florida?

As an employer, properly documenting and reporting workplace accidents using the necessary forms is important. If you don’t, you might face penalties and have difficulty identifying fraudulent claims in Florida.

After a workplace accident in Florida, take time to learn about your reporting responsibilities as an employer. Failing to report an injury within the necessary timeframe might lead to financial penalties from the Division of Workers’ Compensation and issues with your carrier.

If you do not currently have Workers’ Compensation insurance and are concerned that an accident might happen, leaving you unable to report it, contact our brokers. Our Florida Small Business Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can help you find coverage quickly so that you can adhere to the state’s reporting requirements should a workplace accident occur.

When you properly report a workplace injury in Florida, you keep up your end of the bargain as an employer. Filling out the necessary forms lets you inform your insurance carrier and the Division of Workers’ Compensation of a recent accident and shows employees that you are responsible and responsive. If you have difficulty sourcing the necessary forms or are unsure what additional reports your carrier might require, ask our brokers for clarification.

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