Florida Workplace Accident Claim Insurance Policies

A broker can help companies in Florida find workplace accident claim insurance policies that are comprehensive and affordable. Since Florida has strict regulations regarding which companies must get workplace accident claim insurance, it can often be difficult for companies to find policies that suit their needs and their budgets. Luckily, the insurance brokers from NPN Brokers are able to help companies of all sizes find worker’s compensation policies that will protect them and their employees from liability.

If you are a Florida-based company that is seeking a good workplace accident policy, know that help with finding the right policy is available to you through NPN Brokers. You can contact NPN Brokers today and get a quote on a policy within a few minutes. The process is made easy with brokers that are dedicated to protecting companies from lawsuits and other penalties. Contact NPN Brokers today to learn more by calling (561) 990-3022.

Workplace Accident Claim Insurance Requirements

Florida has some of the strictest worker’s compensation insurance requirements in the country. Employers are required to get worker’s compensation policies for each person employed by the company if, depending on the industry that they do work in, they employ a certain number of people. Companies that do work in the agricultural industry must have worker’s compensation policies for employees if they employ at least twelve seasonal employees or six full-time employees. Companies that do work in the construction industry or a construction-related industry (which includes carpentry, electrical work, landscaping, plumbing, and much more) must get worker’s compensation policies if they employ at least one person. Companies that do work in neither the agricultural industry nor the construction industry must get worker’s compensation policies for employees if they employ four or more people.

General contractors and subcontractors are considered to be employees and must have worker’s compensation policies. In some cases, corporate officers may be able to be exempt themselves from needing worker’s compensation policies if they obtain a special certification.

What Is Covered in Workplace Accident Claim Insurance Policies

Workplace accident claim insurance policies are necessary because they ensure that employees receive compensation for the costs associated with any injuries that they suffer while they are on the job. Workplace accident claim insurance policies also protect employers by guarding them against lawsuits from injured employees.

Worker’s compensation policies cover the costs associated with injuries that happen while employees are working. The costs that they can receive will cover medical costs, which include rides in an ambulance, stays in the hospital, visits with physicians, prescriptions, and physical and occupational therapy. Worker’s compensation policies also cover the cost of the employee’s missed wages while they were unable to work—this amount of missed wages they receive is only partial and is based on a formula. Employees are unable to recover damages for pain and suffering in a worker’s compensation policy.

Death benefits are another potential benefit from worker’s compensation policies. If an employee dies while they are working, their families can recover up to $7,500 for the cost of the funeral, as well as money for dependents.

To receive worker’s compensation benefits, employees must have suffered the injury as an accident and they must have been acting safely at the time of the incident. If it can demonstrated that an employee was drunk or under the influence of a substance at the time of the injury or wasn’t abiding by safety standards, their worker’s compensation claim is likely to be denied. A worker’s compensation claim is also likely to be denied if it can be proven that the employee’s injury was self-inflicted.

Employees that have worker’s compensation policies in Florida are subject to a statute of limitations. Following a workplace injury, an employee has two years to file a claim. Their statute of limitations can be extended if they were a minor at the time of the injury or if their employer misled them about the conditions of their policy.

Penalties for Failing to Get a Workplace Accident Claim Insurance Policy

Investigators are constantly looking into companies to determine whether or not they have worker’s compensation policies. If an investigator from the State of Florida discovers that a company does not have adequate worker’s compensation policies for their employees, they may subject the company to severe penalties. These penalties include:

  • Large fines that can cost up to $1,000 or double the cost of what they would have paid in premiums
  • The loss of the right to conduct business in the State of Florida
  • The issuance of a stop-work order, which will force them to stop work until they comply with Florida’s worker’s compensation laws.

Companies that fail to get worker’s compensation policies for employees may be susceptible to lawsuits from injured employees. Such lawsuits can be devastating because they can include not only medical costs and lost wages but also damages for pain and suffering as a result of the injury.

Also, some companies may attempt to avoid paying for policies for employees by claiming that they are independent contractors. Doing so can result in a $5,000 fine as well as insurance fraud charges.

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