Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy for High-Risk Businesses

Owners of high-risk businesses often need Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida. Our brokers can help you get it, so that your company and your employees are protected.

In Florida, companies are considered a higher risk to insure in terms of Workers’ Compensation when they engage in especially dangerous activity. Often, this title is given to businesses in certain industries, including the construction, transportation, warehousing, waste management and recycling, and healthcare industries in Florida. In some cases, finding any type of coverage, let alone affordable coverage, can be challenging for high-risk businesses in high-risk industries. However, when you partner with our experienced brokers, we can help you evaluate quotes and policies so that you can get comprehensive Workers’ Compensation insurance at a comfortable price.

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What Qualifies a “High-Risk” Business or Industry in Florida for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation coverage is a form of insurance purchased by employers to protect companies and employees in case of a workplace injury. Florida categorizes industries based on risk levels to organize its Workers’ Compensation insurance system better.

The more risks a company has, the more hesitant some insurance carriers may be to provide a company with coverage. While risk factors can increase or decrease based on various factors, a company’s industry heavily influences a carrier’s risk assessment. Within certain industries, individual companies might have additional risks based on their experience modification factors or their track records of work-related injuries.

Essentially, a business or industry is considered risky for Workers’ Compensation insurance purposes if it is more likely that an employee will be injured on the job. That does not mean that an employer is necessarily more likely to maintain an unsafe working environment, but that the inherent nature of a company’s work is simply more dangerous.

If you are unsure whether or not your company is considered riskier to insure and what that might mean for you, contact our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. Our brokers can compare your company’s practices to the classification and rating system from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) to determine its risk levels in Florida.

Examples of “High-Risk” Businesses or Industries in Florida

Certain industries are inherently more dangerous than others. In Florida, the construction, transportation, warehousing, waste management and recycling, and healthcare industries are considered particularly risky regarding Workers’ Compensation insurance.


The construction industry is considered the one of the most high-risk industries in Florida. Construction workers are tasked with handling hazardous materials and machinery daily. They may work at odd hours, increasing dangers and the potential for injury. Worksites are common locations of car accidents, adding another level of risk to insuring a company in the construction industry in Florida. Because of their increased risk, all companies in construction industry are required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida.


Companies in the transportation industry, which includes public transportation, are often considered riskier to insure by insurance carriers in Florida. Those in the transportation industry are responsible for driving riders and navigating roads. In addition to buses and trains, the transportation industry also includes mail carriers and long-haul drivers that may work many hours to meet their quotas. Because of this, transportation businesses are considered risky in Florida.


Employees in the warehousing industry are responsible for moving and organizing various materials. The machinery used in this industry, like forklifts, increases the risk of an employee being injured on the job. For employers in the warehousing industry, it is important to know that their businesses may be at a higher risk for workplace injuries in Florida.

Waste Management and Recycling

The waste management and recycling industry requires the use of trash haulers which are dangerous vehicles with crushing systems used to compress waste. This fact, along with the traveling required and the dangers of waste sites, make the waste management and recycling industry riskier than others to insure in Florida.

Healthcare, Including Substance Detox and Behavioral Health

The healthcare industry, which includes businesses that assist with substance detox and behavioral health, is considered risky in Florida. In Florida, employees may be more likely to sustain workplace injuries when treating patients or handling biohazardous waste and materials.

How is Risk Determined for Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

A company’s overall risk to insure for Workers’ Compensation insurance purposes is determined by evaluating various factors. While its industry is very important, a company’s age, history, and payroll also matter when determining risk.

Industry classification helps Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers begin evaluating a company’s risks and the likelihood that an employee might sustain a work-related injury. That said, several other factors are vital parts of the equation.

For example, payroll heavily influences a company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance risk levels. The more workers you employ, the more likely it may be that one of them is injured on the job, statistically speaking. If you have many employees and need affordable coverage, speak with our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. Our team can help you find comprehensive insurance at the right rate, despite having a large payroll in Florida.

Age is also important. Newer companies are often considered risky, as they have not had sufficient time to demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe working environment for employees in Florida.

Finally, insurance companies often weigh a business’s history of workplace industries when evaluating risk. Previous claims filed by injured workers might influence an insurance carrier’s decision to provide your company with Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida.

All of these factors come together to make up the experience modification factor. This a subjective evaluation of a company’s risk levels and can determine whether or not a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier offers employers coverage and at what price.

Is it Hard to Get Workers’ Compensation Insurance for a High-Risk Business in Florida?

In some cases, it can be harder for high-risk businesses to get Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida. Some carriers may be hesitant to offer insurance based on elevated risk levels. That said, finding the coverage you want is possible when you partner with our brokers.

When a company presents with increased risk factors, whether because of its industry, age, payroll, or history, a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier might not be eager to offer a policy. Remember, it is the carrier that pays out claims to injured workers, not the employer. If a carrier thinks there is a high chance that multiple employees could be injured on the job and file claims, a carrier may be less likely to provide you with Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida.

However, that does not have to be the case. Our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers have relationships with carriers that offer policies to a wide variety of companies, including high-risk businesses. In addition, you may be able to get coverage that is even more beneficial to employers, like pay-as-you-go insurance. While some carriers reserve pay-as-you-go coverage for less risky businesses, the ones our brokers work with may offer this attractive policy to those in high-risk industries in Florida.

Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance More Expensive for High-Risk Businesses and Industries in Florida?

When approached by a high-risk business in a high-risk industry, some insurance carriers might see it as an opportunity to hike up Workers’ Compensation premiums to offset anticipated payouts to injured workers. This can seem unfair to employers who wish to protect their businesses and employees but have a strict budget. To get less expensive coverage for your high-risk business, partner with our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers.

A few factors determine the cost of Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida. Florida uses guidance from the National Council on Compensation Insurance to classify businesses based on their operations. Each line of work is given a classification code with a corresponding rating. This rating is then evaluated, alongside a company’s experience modification factor, to calculate the cost of Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida.

Each aspect of the equation might increase for high-risk businesses, resulting in more expensive insurance. If your company is required to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida based on industry or payroll, you might think that agreeing to expensive premiums is your only option. In reality, that is not always the case.

By partnering with our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers, employers can find comprehensive coverage that is affordable and flexible. The carriers we work with do not require audits, contracts, or deposits, allowing companies in Florida to mitigate Workers’ Compensation insurance costs while remaining protected, regardless of presumed risks.

Can My Company Be Denied Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage in Florida for Risky Work?

Unfortunately for high-risk businesses in Florida, a Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier might deny coverage because of risky work. In addition, a carrier might drop a company’s plan because of increased risk factors. Understanding this as an employer is important so that you can find an insurer that will maintain coverage at the right rate throughout the years.

Throughout the course of a company’s span, there may be fluctuations of various kinds. Even when employers do whatever is possible to maintain a safe working environment for employees, workplace accidents might happen, especially in high-risk industries. That possibility, as well as increases in other risk factors like a business’s payroll and age, might convince a carrier to deny your company coverage.

In addition to being denied insurance in Florida, companies might see their policies dropped because of elevated risk factors. Workers’ Compensation insurance policies are contracts based on agreed-upon factors. If anything changes, like an increase in payroll or employee claims, a carrier might choose not to renew your policy. This can leave you without the coverage you need to stay protected in Florida.

Suppose you are denied Workers’ Compensation coverage or your coverage is dropped in Florida. In that case, contact our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers. Our brokers can help you get quotes from reliable carriers within a matter of days so that you can find the coverage you need quickly.

How Can a Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Broker Help My High-Risk Business?

As a busy employer, you may not have time to devote to finding the best Workers’ Compensation insurance policy. Outsource that responsibility to our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers, who have the relationships and experience necessary to identify the right insurance policy for your high-risk business.

Getting Workers’ Compensation insurance is a process, and often a lengthy one. This process can increase in difficulty for high-risk businesses in Florida. Employers might not know which insurance carriers to contact, what information to compile, or how to get quotes and assess policies. Leave it to our brokers so that you can avoid unnecessary stress and the possibility of agreeing to a subpar policy.

Our brokers will begin by requesting certain information about your business about its risk factors and history. Then, our brokers will send that information to reliable Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers and request quotes. From that point, we can review quotes together to find one that matches your company’s budget while keeping all necessary employees covered. Our brokers can then explain the ins and outs of your policy so that you thoroughly understand your coverage as an employer in Florida.

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation insurance system is complicated. Companies in certain industries, like construction, must have insurance, while others need coverage based on payroll numbers. Maintaining a comprehensive policy is crucial to avoid steep financial penalties for non-compliance and financial liability for a worker’s injuries. To accomplish this, employers can partner with our experienced brokers to get and maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida, regardless of their risk levels.

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