Florida Workers’ Compensation Policy Coverage for Drywall Installation Contractors

Like many states, Florida takes adherence to Workers’ Compensation requirements seriously. Drywall installers are no exception to Florida’s rules and must typically have Workers’ Compensation insurance. Coverage benefits drywall installers, who may be at a higher risk of sustaining a workplace injury.

In most cases, drywall installers have to be covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida. That is because drywall installation is considered construction work in Florida. This applies to drywall installers working for themselves in sole proprietorships and to those working for larger construction companies. Failure to get the proper coverage might result in serious penalties for drywall installers or their employers. Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums for drywall installers tend to be on the higher side because of the dangerous nature of their line of work. However, our brokers can find you an affordable policy that keeps you covered and meets Florida’s requirements for Workers’ Compensation without breaking the bank.

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Workers’ Comp Insurance Requirements for Drywall Installers in Florida

Installing drywall, which is a type of wallboard, is a necessary step of any large-scale construction project. This stage often requires the expertise of professional trade workers, like drywall installers. Because drywall installation is considered construction work in Florida, installers must have Workers’ Compensation insurance.

As our Florida Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can explain, coverage requirements in the state are largely based on two factors: industry and payroll. Workers’ Compensation must cover any worker in the construction industry unless they are eligible to file for an exemption and do so. According to Florida Administrative Code Rule 69L-6.021, this includes drywall installers in Florida.

Often, drywall installers work for themselves. Because independent contractors are not permitted in the construction industry in Florida, drywall installers must start a sole proprietorship to be their own boss. In this case, you will still need Workers’ Compensation insurance as Florida requires coverage for any construction industry business with even one worker.

Larger construction companies must have coverage for all their workers, including any drywall installers. This is a necessity because failing to get coverage might result in serious consequences from the state, and because drywall installation can be a dangerous profession that might lead to workplace accidents.

Any person that installs any type of wallboard, including drywall, plasterboard, sheetrock, or other variation, that has not filed for an exemption from coverage must be covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance at all times in Florida.

Florida Premiums for Workers’ Comp for Drywall Installers

Drywall installation might seem relatively straightforward, but it is a complicated process that requires precision and the use of dangerous tools. Because of the hazards of this profession, Workers’ Compensation premiums for drywall installers might be high in Florida.

Florida bases its premiums for Workers’ Compensation largely on information and ratings provided by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). The NCCI adjusts ratings when necessary to account for the risk carriers might take when insuring a company. The NCCI code for drywall installers in Florida is 5445.

Our brokers can assess your NCCI rating based on your employees’ work to get a preliminary idea of your premiums. The rating that corresponds with your NCCI code is the lowest your premiums can be. That said, some insurance carriers might increase your Workers’ Compensation rate based on other factors, like payroll and history of workplace accidents.

The more dangerous an industry a company is in, and the higher its experience modification factor is, the more expensive its Workers’ Compensation premiums might be. Even if you think your premiums may be high as a drywall installer, it is good to seek affordable coverage with our brokers’ help. A high NCCI rating does not necessarily mean you cannot find less expensive coverage as a drywall installer in Florida.

Risks of Not Getting Workers’ Comp for Drywall Installers in Florida

In most cases, drywall installers must purchase and maintain Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida unless they are eligible for an exemption and do so. If you do not have the necessary insurance, you may be financially responsible for injuries sustained in a workplace accident.

Drywall installers that do not get Workers’ Compensation insurance risk facing the consequences if a workplace accident occurs. Workers’ Compensation coverage protects larger companies and sole proprietors from liability in the event of a workplace accident. Drywall installers who work for themselves can benefit even more from getting Workers’ Compensation in case they are injured on the job.

Florida also imposes financial penalties and other consequences on drywall installers or employers that fail to get the necessary Workers’ Compensation policies. Such penalties might cause financial difficulties for your company as well as reputational issues.

How to Get Workers’ Comp Insurance as a Florida Drywall Installer

As a drywall installer, you should make sure you have comprehensive Workers’ Compensation insurance from the get-go. Finding affordable coverage is possible for these workers, despite operating in a high-risk industry.

Our brokers can pair drywall installers with affordable and comprehensive coverage at a comfortable rate. We have established relationships with insurance carriers that offer transparent and flexible policies to companies with histories of workplace accidents or that operate in industries with an elevated risk, like drywall installers in the construction industry.

After providing the necessary information about your operations, like how long your company has existed, its payroll numbers, and past workplace accidents, our brokers can source quotes within a day. You can then assess quotes from carriers and review policies to ensure that all of your drywall installers, including yourself if you work alone, are covered. This can protect your company from financial liability and ensure employees feel comfortable working for you as drywall installers.

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