Florida Workers Compensation Insurance Policy for Landscaping Companies

If you have a landscaping or tree removal business in the state of Florida, you may be aware of the difficulty of finding a good insurance policy. Businesses that are in a construction-related field are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees if they have at least one employee working for them. But it can be difficult for businesses that are in high-risk industries to find insurance companies that are willing to provide coverage.

Getting a good workers’ compensation policy for your company doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of NPN Brokers. For more information about getting a workers’ compensation policy for your business or corporation, please get in touch with us by visiting our website or calling (561) 990-3022 today.

Workers’ Compensation Laws for Landscaping Companies in Florida

Under Florida state law (Rule 69L-6.021 of the Florida Administrative Code), any construction-related business that employs at least one person must provide workers’ compensation policy coverage for their employees. This rule applies only to businesses that are in a construction-related field, which includes 83 various classes of operations including roofing, wallpaper hanging, farm machinery operation, heating and air conditioning, and landscaping and tree removal.

Businesses that are in the agricultural industry are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance if they have at least six employees and regular businesses with a minimum of four employees are required to provide insurance. This applies to regular employers but also to anyone hiring someone else to do work for them, which includes sub-contractors. Also, the “one employee” minimum includes the owner, or anyone who doubles as a corporate officer.

Insurance companies are often reluctant to give insurance policies to businesses that are construction-related because they have a higher risk of injury for employees. Businesses are required to have workers’ compensation policy coverage, but insurance companies are not required to provide it. NPN Brokers, however, is sure to find an insurance company that will provide coverage for your business.

A few factors determine the price of a workers’ compensation insurance policy. The first is the type of work that the company does — businesses with a high risk of employee injury cost more to insure. The second factor in determining the price of a workers’ compensation policy is the cost of the entirety of the losses for that class of business over the past five years. NPN Brokers can ensure an affordable rate for your workers’ compensation policy in Florida.

Consequences of Failing to Get a Workers’ Compensation Policy for Landscaping Employees

If a business does not have a workers’ compensation policy, it is possible that they will be issued a stop-work order by the state, which will force them to stop business until they come into compliance with the law. Other consequences for failure to get workers’ compensation coverage include fines from the state, which can cost either $1,000 or twice the amount that the employer would have been paying in premiums for the length of time that they didn’t have a policy. If an employer declares that an employee is an independent contractor so that they don’t have to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for them, they will have to pay a $5,000 fine. Insurance fraud charges or imprisonment are also possibilities.

Employees that work for companies that fail to secure a workers’ compensation policy are able to sue their employers for workers’ compensation. These employees may sue their employers for missed income, disability payments, medical bills, prescriptions, and physical therapy. Families of those who have died on the job are able to sue for death-related costs they’ve incurred. It should be noted that there is a two-year statute of limitations in place for employees looking to file a workers’ compensation claim.

There are investigators in the state of Florida whose job it is the investigate the status of construction-related employers’ workers’ compensation insurance. They may request certain documents from employers so that they can prove that they have workers’ compensation insurance. The acceptable documents that prove an employer has workers’ compensation insurance include:

  • The information page in the workers’ compensation insurance policy
  • A screenshot of the Proof of Coverage database, found on the Division of Workers’ Compensation website
  • A Certificate of Liability Insurance, which should include the personal information of the carrier that is providing the policy, the name of the insured person, the policy number, the limits of coverage, and the dates that the contractor will do the work

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