Workers’ Compensation Policy Coverage for Carpenters in Florida

Carpentry is necessary for building and maintaining structures around the world, yet it can be dangerous work that can lead to injuries or even death. Carpenters and other construction-related Florida companies that employ at least one person are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. However, it can be difficult for employers to find affordable workers’ compensation policies due to the risk of injury. With the help of NPN Brokers, carpenters and other construction-related businesses can get quotes for workers’ compensation policies that are affordable and provide them with the protection that they need.

Employers that are seeking workers’ comp policies for their employees are encouraged to get in touch with NPN Brokers as soon as possible. If you are looking for a workers’ compensation policy for the people employed by your carpentry business, get in touch with NPN by calling (561) 990-3022 today.

Why Carpenters in Florida Need Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers’ compensation coverage can benefit both employers and employees in the State of Florida. Workers’ compensation insurance can help employers by preventing employees from filing lawsuits if they are injured while working. Workers’ compensation insurance also helps employees by giving them a way to receive compensation for injuries they sustain while working. Employees may be compensated for medical bills (prescription costs, the cost of medical procedures and hospital visits, medical equipment, and physical therapy) and lost wages due to their injury. Workers’ comp insurance can also give compensation to the families of workers who die on the job.

Carpentry is considered to be a construction-related field. According to Rule 69L-6.021 in the Florida Administrative Code, all construction-related companies that employ at least one person are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. The category of “construction-related” includes businesses that do landscaping and tree removal, farming and agriculture, HVAC, electrical work, and much more. Carpentry businesses can do a variety of different jobs that fall into this category, including lathing, framing, decking, wood trim, cabinet installation, siding installation, and windows and stairs. The requirement for businesses to have workers’ compensation insurance applies to subcontractors as well.

Businesses in Florida should note that it is only construction-related companies that need to have workers’ compensation insurance in they have one employee. Agricultural companies that have 6 year-round employees or 12 seasonal employees must have workers’ compensation insurance policies, and companies that do neither construction-related nor agricultural work must have a workers’ compensation policy if they employ at least four people.

The prices of workers’ compensation policies in Florida are determined by a few factors. One of those factors is the work that a company does and the level of risk attached to it. Prices of workers’ compensation policies are also partly determined by the number of claims made by businesses in that industry in the last five years.

Penalties for Not Having Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Your Carpentry Company

There are major penalties associated with a business’s failure to get workers’ compensation insurance for its employees. One way that businesses can be penalized if they fail to have a workers’ compensation policy is through lawsuits brought by injured workers over compensation for their injuries. Florida has a two-year statute of limitations for injured employees to file lawsuits following their injuries.

Businesses that fail to carry workers’ compensation insurance may also be subject to fines. Florida may impose either a fine of $1,000 or twice the amount of the premiums that should have been paid during the time that a company lacked insurance.

One of the most drastic consequences of failing to get workers’ compensation insurance is the loss of the right to conduct business. Businesses may be issued a stop-work order by the State of Florida if they do not have a workers’ compensation policy for employees. This order will require businesses to cease all work operations until they come into compliance with Florida insurance codes.

Some companies attempt to avoid paying for workers’ compensation by claiming that some employees are independent contractors; doing so will result in $5,000 fine and possible criminal charges, namely fraud. Other offenses that employers may face include civil actions or criminal charges for failure to report employee injuries, preventing an employee from receiving workers’ compensation benefits, or retaliating against employees that file workers’ compensation insurance claims.

Getting a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Quote for Carpenters in Florida

NPN Brokers can easily provide workers’ compensation insurance quotes for all interested employers. Employers can go to NPN Brokers’ website and get a quote by simply entering some information about their business and employees. They can expect to receive a quote from NPN within minutes.

Employers interested in purchasing workers’ compensation insurance should know that NPN Brokers offers workers’ compensation insurance quotes that require no contracts, audits, or deposits. NPN Brokers also offers flexible payment options for clients.

Contact NPN Brokers Today for a Workers’ Compensation Quote

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