California Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Roofing Companies

Roofing companies require Workers’ Compensation policies to provide protection to owners and employees in the event that an on-the-job injury occurs in California.

The rules regarding Workers’ Compensation for roofing companies in California are clear: all businesses in this line of work need to get workplace liability insurance. Getting insurance through a private carrier is generally better than self-insuring, as doing so will likely be more affordable for roofing companies. Having insurance is crucial as roofers are more likely to be injured on the job than employees that work in less dangerous industries. To figure out the possible cost of insurance for your business, consider its past history of workplace incidents and its other risk factors, like whether or not it has a large workforce.

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Workers’ Compensation Rules for Roofing Companies in California

There are rules surrounding Workers’ Compensation for roofing companies in California that must be followed. If the rules are violated, roofing companies could become vulnerable to serious penalties.

All roofing companies need Workers’ Compensation in California, provided they employ just one worker. The few exemptions for executive directors and officers of corporations might not apply to roofing companies. To see if they apply to yours, which could possibly lower your company’s policy premiums, ask our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers.

Roofing companies must have Workers’ Compensation policies in effect at all times. Those that do not, whether because a previous policy was canceled or because they never bothered to get one in the first place, become vulnerable to financial consequences from the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. Furthermore, roofing companies without Workers’ Compensation can be held responsible for damages incurred by a worker that was injured on the job in California. Even going without Workers’ Compensation for a few days or weeks could be disastrous for companies and their employees.

Self-Insuring Workers’ Comp for Your California Roofing Company

Self-insuring for Workers’ Compensation may not be the wisest choice for roofing companies in California. That is because self-insuring does not provide precisely the same protections that insuring through a private carrier does.

To even be eligible to self-insure for Workers’ Compensation, roofing companies must have a net worth of $5 million and an income of at least $500,000. They must also be able to put down a sizeable security deposit. Then, they must submit themselves for state approval. Roofing companies that choose to self-insure for Workers’ Compensation do not have to pay premiums to a private insurance carrier.

They will, however, have to pay all benefits to an injured employee out-of-pocket. If you get an insurance policy through our brokers, you will have to pay premiums but not benefits when a claim is filed. That will be handled by your roofing company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. That is why insuring through a private carrier instead of self-insuring is often the more affordable route to take for roofing companies.

Common Workplace Injuries Among Roofers in California

Roofers are in danger every day when they go to work. Because the risk of injury in the roofing industry is so high, it is incredibly important that roofing companies have workplace liability insurance policies.

Since roofers work atop buildings, they are at a higher risk of falling from great heights and being injured. Such incidents could lead to broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other serious physical injuries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roofers were among the group of workers that experienced the highest rate of falls in 2016.

Roofers are also susceptible to sustaining repetitive motion injuries and knee, neck, and back injuries. Because roofers work outside in the elements, they might be prone to heat exhaustion, causing unnecessary accidents. Roofers rely on equipment, like harnesses, scaffolding, and ladders, to do their jobs. If that equipment fails, roofers might be more likely to be hurt at work in California. Since the risk of injury is quite high among roofers, so is the importance of having Workers’ Compensation for roofing companies.

Figuring Out the Cost of Workers’ Comp for Your California Roofing Company

It is understandable for owners of roofing companies to be wary of the cost of Workers’ Compensation. You can alleviate those concerns by learning how much your company’s insurance should cost based on its apparent risk factors.

Roofing companies present an elevated risk to Workers’ Compensation insurers because of the responsibilities of their employees. Because of this, workplace liability insurance for roofing companies might initially be higher than insurance for retail shops or other less risky companies.

It is also important to consider your company’s history of workplace accidents, as that will help determine the cost of its workplace liability insurance premiums. The more claims your employees have filed in the past, the more expensive your insurance might be. Payroll is also a factor in figuring out the cost of Workers’ Compensation for a roofing company.

Fortunately, there are things employers can do to reduce the financial impact of getting Workers’ Compensation in California. For example, regularly checking the equipment roofers use to ensure it is safe and effective can lower the chance of a workplace accident occurring. Similarly, employers can put workers through rigorous training proceedings to ensure they can safely complete the work and responsibilities required of them. Taking these steps, along with encouraging regular breaks and having considerable oversight during projects, can help employers lower the cost of Workers’ Compensation insurance for their roofing companies over time. Carriers generally respond positively to employers that make such efforts to encourage workplace safety in California.

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