California Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Landscaping Companies

If you own or manage a landscaping company in California, it is important to learn of your company’s Workers’ Compensation coverage requirements.

In California, Workers’ Compensation is mandatory for all landscaping companies. That is because workplace liability insurance is required for any company with just one worker. This includes part-time or undocumented workers. Landscaping companies that do not follow this mandate will likely face fines and penalties, including stop-work orders. Stop-work orders can only be lifted when landscaping companies pay all associated fines and secure Workers’ Compensation policies. When you get Workers’ Compensation for your landscaping company, your carrier will pay out benefits to workers injured on the job. This includes benefits for medical expenses and lost wages. If a worker dies because of an occupational illness or injury, a Workers’ Compensation carrier will pay death benefits to their survivors.

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Workers’ Compensation Coverage Mandates for All Landscaping Companies in California

While most states have relatively strict laws regarding Workers’ Compensation coverage, California is one of the most stringent regarding insurance compliance. In California, every company must have Workers’ Compensation if they employ workers, including companies in the landscaping industry.

Landscaping companies that only employ independent contractors do not need Workers’ Compensation in California, as independent contractors are not considered regular employees. All other workers must be covered by insurance.

There is no Workers’ Compensation grace period for landscaping companies, meaning they must have active policies in place at all times. Lapses in coverage due to failure to renew a policy or policy cancelation can lead to penalties for employers.

There are very few Workers’ Compensation exemptions in California. Sole proprietors without employees are exempt from needing coverage. Owners, partners, officers, directors, members, and managers can be exempt from Workers’ Compensation in California. Exempting yourself from coverage means you will be ineligible to get Workers’ Compensation benefits if hurt on the job.

Workers’ Compensation Stop-Work Orders for Landscaping Companies in California

Landscaping companies succeed when they keep their clients happy. If your landscaping company operates without Workers’ Compensation and is given a stop-work order, you will not be able to service your clients.

All companies that are illegally uninsured are given stop-work orders in California. These orders prevent companies from engaging in any activity until Workers’ Compensation is secured. If there is an active stop-work order against your landscaping company, contact our brokers. Our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers are experienced in pairing companies with coverage in as little as 24 hours.

This can allow landscaping companies to be minimally impacted by stop-work orders and ensure such orders are lifted in a timely fashion. The longer stop-work orders remain active, the more clients your landscaping company might lose and the harder it might be to find Workers’ Compensation. Stop-work orders often come with fines which must be paid before such orders can be lifted.

If Workers’ Compensation violations are accompanied by workplace accidents, landscaping companies might also be sued by injured employees.

Workers’ Compensation for Landscaping Companies with Undocumented and Part-Time Workers in California

California is home to many undocumented workers, many of whom are employed in the landscaping industry. In California, undocumented workers are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits, just like any other employee.

Undocumented landscaping workers must be properly reported on a company’s payroll numbers. These workers are able to file Workers’ Compensation claims following workplace accidents. If an employer does not include undocumented workers in their policy, they might be penalized.

Furthermore, part-time workers are also entitled to the same Workers’ Compensation benefits as full-time workers in California. All part-time employees must be covered by Workers’ Compensation as they are considered regular employees.

Misclassifying employees is considered Workers’ Compensation fraud. Employers who intentionally or unintentionally misclassify landscaping employees as independent contractors can be financially penalized by the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Employees of Landscaping Companies in California

When landscaping companies have Workers’ Compensation, their employees can get benefits if injured on the job. These include medical benefits, wage-loss benefits, and death benefits.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are used to cover all necessary medical expenses related to a hurt worker’s injuries. These include things like surgeries, prescription medications, physical therapies, and visits with specialists. In order for medical benefits to be covered, employees have to see doctors approved by an employer’s Workers’ Compensation carrier. For immediate medical attention in emergencies, employees can see any doctor. Employees should be given the proper information about which medical professionals they can see to recover Workers’ Compensation medical benefits.

Wage-Loss Benefits

Wage-loss benefits cover a portion of an employee’s lost wages. In California, wage-loss benefits cover two-thirds of an employee’s gross wages lost during recovery from an injury. Wage-loss benefits stop being paid when an employee returns to work. If an employee is permanently disabled, their wage-loss benefits might vary. To help your Workers’ Compensation carrier calculate wage-loss benefits, provide any necessary information about the injured employee’s pay prior to injury. To lower the wage-loss benefits paid by your carrier, you can offer an employee a transitional job, so long as the responsibilities of the job are within the confines of the work restrictions set by a doctor.

Death Benefits

Carriers also pay Workers’ Compensation death benefits to survivors of deceased employees. For burial expenses, death benefits pay up to $10,000. In cases of one total dependent, death benefits pay up to $250,000. In cases of two or more total dependents, death benefits pay up to $290,000. In, for cases of three or more total dependents, death benefits pay up to $320,000 in California.

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