Workers’ Comp Insurance Policy for Out of State Contractors Working in Florida

In all likelihood, you will have to purchase a Workers’ Compensation policy if you work as a contractor in Florida, even if only for a short period of time.

Contractors from other states will need Workers’ Compensation in Florida if they are working there and meet the requirements for coverage. Workers’ Compensation coverage requirements vary from state to state, so even if you are not mandated to have insurance in your primary state of work, you might be required to in Florida. When you get a policy, you will be eligible to receive wage-loss benefits and medical benefits if you are hurt on the job. Remember, the benefits you might receive for an injury sustained in Florida might differ from those you would have received if you were injured in another state.

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Do Contractors from Other States Need Workers’ Comp Policies When Working in Florida?

If you are a contractor who lives in another state but plans to take on a job in Florida, there are certain things you should know about its Workers’ Compensation system. For example, you might need to get a workplace liability insurance policy in Florida while working there.

In Florida, any non-construction company with four or more workers must have Workers’ Compensation. Construction companies with one worker must also have insurance. Independent contractors are not allowed in the construction industry in Florida. So, if you are an independent contractor who does construction work in your state and do not have an official business as an LLC or a sole proprietorship, you cannot do construction work in Florida.

If you meet the requirements for Workers’ Compensation in Florida, you will have to get an insurance policy there when doing a job. Your policy must cover all of your employees and yourself if you are not exempt. If you are a general contractor with subcontractors working in Florida, you must ensure they have the necessary coverage. If they do not, they will be considered your employees, and you will be responsible for covering any injuries they might sustain on the job, even if that would not have been the case if their injuries occurred in your state of residence.

Furthermore, suppose a contractor’s employees are hurt while working in Florida, and the contractor does not have Workers’ Compensation. In that case, their employees can file a workplace accident lawsuit for compensation. The uncovered contractor may also be subject to fines and other penalties from the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Florida Workers’ Comp Benefits for Contractors from Other States

Workers’ Compensation benefits vary slightly from state to state. If you are from another state but are working in Florida as a contractor, the plan you get from our Workers’ Compensation insurance brokers can provide you with benefits while you heal from your injuries.

Wage-Loss Benefits

The wage-loss benefits you receive following an on-the-job accident in Florida will depend on the severity of your injuries. For example, temporary total disability benefits, meaning you cannot work temporarily, equate to two-thirds of your average weekly wages. Some temporary total disability injuries will entitle you to 80% of your average weekly wages for up to six months following your accident. If you are able to work but in a reduced capacity, your wage-loss benefits will depend on your injuries and your average weekly wage. Additional wage-loss benefits are available to those who will be impaired for the rest of their live but can return to work according to restrictions put in place by a doctor. There are also wage-loss benefits for those with permanent total disability injuries who can never return to work again. Suppose you are working in Florida at the time of your accident. In that case, your wage-loss benefits will be calculated according to Florida’s laws, not the laws of your primary state of residence and operations. This is why having a Workers’ Compensation policy in Florida is important if you perform work there as a contractor, even if you live in another state.

Medical Benefits

Medical benefits are also available to contractors from other states that work in Florida and have Workers’ Compensation policies there. Medical benefits will cover all necessary medical care, such as hospitalization, medical tests, physical therapy, attendant care, and prescription drugs, among other expenses. You can receive medical Workers’ Compensation benefits for as long as is necessary in Florida.

How Can Contractors from Other States Get Workers’ Comp Policies When Working in Florida?

Finding a Workers’ Compensation policy in Florida might be difficult if you primarily work in another state but have taken on a job in the Sunshine State. To ensure you achieve your goal promptly, our brokers can find you an insurance quote within as little as a day.

Allow our brokers to find a Workers’ Compensation policy provider that meets your needs. While Florida has a state fund for Workers’ Compensation, contractors from other states might not be eligible for coverage through the state fund unless two non-affiliated carriers recently rejected them. Self-insuring for Workers’ Compensation is also financially implausible for many contractors from other states.

Our brokers can source quotes and help you review Workers’ Compensation policies so that you find a plan that meets your needs before you begin working in Florida. You must have a policy in place before you start operations, as failing to do so will make you non-compliant with Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws. This could result in stop-work orders and fines that impede your progress.

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