Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy for Restaurants in Florida

As a restaurant owner in Florida, you should learn about your Workers’ Compensation insurance requirements. If you do not comply with the mandate, you will likely face serious penalties.

Because most restaurants employ more than four staff members, most need Workers’ Compensation insurance in Florida. When calculating your payroll numbers, include all employees, from cooks to servers. Coverage for restaurants is paramount, as food service workers tend to sustain serious injuries in workplace accidents, such as burns from cooking and broken bones from slip and falls. When you have coverage in Florida, an injured worker cannot sue you for compensation, as filing a claim or a third-party lawsuit will be their only option. When you don’t have coverage, you make your restaurant vulnerable to severe financial penalties as well as stop-work orders, which might seriously impact your restaurant’s success.

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Florida Restaurants that Need Workers’ Comp Insurance

Most, if not all, restaurants in Florida need to get Workers’ Compensation insurance. Although Florida’s requirements for coverage are based on industry and payroll, restaurants typically meet the criteria.

In Florida, any restaurant that employs four or more workers, including servers, hosts, cooks, and other employees, must get Workers’ Compensation coverage. Our brokers can find you a plan that covers all necessary employees apart from yourself if you own a restaurant and choose to file for an exemption.

Because Florida’s payroll threshold for Workers’ Compensation insurance is so low, most restaurants need coverage. Even if your restaurant, catering company, or food truck employs less than four people, getting insurance is a good idea. Restaurant workplace accidents can be especially serious, resulting in expensive injuries and treatment that Workers’ Compensation coverage can protect you from being liable for in Florida.

Mandatory Workers’ Compensation coverage is necessary for most businesses in the food industry, from meal kit companies to coffee shops. Personal chefs working alone might not need Workers’ Compensation insurance if they are independent contractors or sole proprietors. However, they should still get it in case they sustain an injury while on the job.

Common Restaurant Workplace Injuries in Florida

Initially, it might seem like a restaurant would be free from workplace accidents. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Common restaurant and food service industry workplace injuries in Florida range from burns to traumatic brain injuries.

Burns from ovens, hot plates, and other kitchen cooking devices are not uncommon workplace accidents in the food service industry. Restaurants might also see serious slip and falls, especially if mopped floors are not given the proper signage. Restaurant workers might trip and injure themselves in the hustle and bustle of a kitchen, resulting in broken bones or traumatic brain injuries.

Injuries from picking up heavy objects, like kitchen equipment or bags of ingredients, are also common among food service workers. Repetitive motion injuries and cuts or scrapes from knives or other kitchen utensils are a leading cause of restaurant injuries among workers in Florida. While cooks might be more prone to certain injuries that typically occur in the kitchen, servers might trip and fall while running food. Even hosts might injure themselves while working at your restaurant in Florida, sustaining serious injuries that Workers’ Compensation insurance can cover.

Immunity From Lawsuits for Restaurants that Have Workers’ Comp Insurance in Florida

One of the main reasons why it is so crucial for restaurants to have Workers’ Compensation coverage in Florida is to get protection from possible litigation. When workplace accidents happen, employees cannot sue if restaurants have the necessary coverage.

Workplace injury lawsuits can be debilitating for any type of business in Florida, especially for those in the food service industry. Restaurant kitchens are finely organized so that all workers have a role. When workplace accidents happen, and injured employees are unable to recover damages via a Workers’ Compensation claim, the efficacy of your kitchen might be disrupted. Not only that, but your restaurant may be vulnerable to lawsuits.

In Florida, filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is often the sole method of recovery for employees injured on the job, including workers in the food service industry. Injured employees cannot sue you for compensation, provided you are protected. Conversely, if you do not have the necessary Workers’ Compensation, you might be sued if a restaurant worker is injured at your business. Lawsuits can cause tension among restaurant owners and their staff and create possible financial difficulties for companies in the food service industry.

Consequences for Florida Restaurants that Do Not Have Workers’ Comp Insurance

In addition to facing possible litigation from injured workers, restaurants in Florida that do not have Workers’ Compensation might face penalties from the state. Florida typically imposes financial penalties on restaurants that do not comply with Workers’ Compensation mandates, as well as other penalties that might seriously hinder a restaurant’s ability to succeed.

Restaurants found to be out of compliance with Florida’s Workers’ Compensation requirements will be given a fine equal to twice the amount in unpaid premiums for any time they were uncovered over the past two years. Then there is the issue of stop-work orders.

When a stop-work order is placed on your restaurant, it must halt operations until it finds coverage. This means you can no longer service customers or bring in revenue for until the stop-work order has been lifted. Our brokers can work quickly to find you affordable Workers’ Compensation coverage if you have recently received a stop-work order to lessen the damage. A stop-work order might financially impact a restaurant more severely than state financial penalties for non-compliance, as restaurants typically depend on daily revenue to stay afloat in Florida.

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