Can You Be Denied Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

For Florida employers and employees, knowing the qualifications for an approved workers’ comp claim is important. The right insurance carrier can distinguish between false and legitimate claims so that only those who legitimately deserve benefits receive them. The fact that workers’ comp benefits can be denied in Florida can protect businesses and employees that filed truthful claims.

An employee can be denied workers’ compensation benefits in Florida. A claim can be denied for several reasons. If an employee’s injury did not happen at work, then an employer’s workers’ comp insurance can deny a claim. If an employee did not seek medical attention following an accident, or their injuries do not warrant treatment, their claim can also be denied in Florida. When filing a workers’ comp claim, employees need to be thorough and honest. Failure to do so can threaten their ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

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Why Can You Be Denied Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

Workers’ comp exists to cover an employee’s medical expenses and loss of wages due to an injury sustained at work. However, there are instances when an employer’s insurance can deny a claim. When a claim is denied, it is usually because the claim was fraudulent or incomplete. There are a few other valid reasons to deny a workers’ compensation claim as well. Understanding these exceptions is important for employers and employees alike.

Employee Wasn’t Injured at Work

A fraudulent claim won’t be accepted by an employer’s workers’ comp insurance. If an employee can’t prove that an injury was work-related, or if it is found that the injury happened outside of work, a claim can be denied. Intentionally lying on a workers’ comp claim can be damaging for an employee. In some states, it’s considered a criminal offense. Because of that, a fraudulent claim will be denied by an employer’s insurance.

Employee Didn’t Seek Medical Attention

If your employee did not seek medical treatment for injuries, their claim could be denied. The purpose of having workers’ compensation insurance is to cover the medical costs of an injury sustained at work. When employees don’t visit a doctor or seek treatment, there is no medical evidence of the injury and what effects it will have on their ability to work. For that reason, workers’ comp benefits can be denied.

Employee’s Injuries Didn’t Require Treatment

Depending on the severity of an employee’s injuries, they might be denied workers’ comp benefits. Some minor injuries don’t require medical treatment, nor do they affect a person’s ability to work. In that case, a claim can be denied. When lost wages and medical bills don’t exist, and workers’ comp benefits will usually be denied because there’s nothing to cover.

Employee Didn’t File on Time

In Florida, employees have 30 days to file a workers’ compensation claim with their employer’s insurance. If they don’t file within that timeframe, their claim can be denied. That’s because assessing the severity of a work-related injury is time-sensitive. When an employee fails to report an injury on time, your insurance provider might deny the claim.

Employer Disputed the Claim

If an employer suspects that a claim is fraudulent, they can dispute it. In that case, their insurance carrier might deny benefits. Should that happen, employees can still appeal the claim, but benefits will be denied in the meantime until the case gets resolved.

Generally, your company’s workers’ compensation insurance won’t deny a claim unless there is legitimate concern about its validity. Identifying false claims is the purpose of your insurance carrier. When your Florida business needs workers’ comp coverage that can properly assess employee claims, turn to NPN Brokers. Our team of experienced professionals can match your company with the right workers’ compensation insurance plan.

Who Is Always Denied Workers’ Compensation in Florida?

In Florida, it’s the law that businesses with four or more employees purchase workers’ comp insurance. However, there are instances where employees can be denied workers’ comp benefits from the get-go because their employer isn’t required to carry coverage.

While Florida has relatively strict laws regarding workers’ compensation insurance coverage for businesses, there are some exceptions. For example, businesses with less than four employees don’t need to carry coverage. Additionally, businesses in the agricultural industry with less than six employees aren’t required to have workers’ compensation insurance under Florida law. An employee may not have access to workers’ comp benefits after an injury if their employer isn’t required to carry it in Florida.

It’s always wise to ask about a company’s workers’ compensation coverage before accepting a position. Should an employee be injured at work, there might be no financial recourse if their employer was not required to carry workers’ comp insurance under Florida law.

For many businesses, an employee injury can be financially disastrous. Even if your Florida company is not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage under the law, it may be smart to find a plan anyway. If an employee is injured at work, they can still seek financial support for their medical bills and lost wages by filing charges against your business. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your Florida business, even if you’re not required to carry it by law.

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